148. HDYGG

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Complete fail on the photo front this week. We had planned on getting to a local gardens yesterday for a mooch about however we spent the whole day sat indoors waiting for a parcel that was due to arrive. Sod's law of course meant that parcel turned up at 6.30pm in the end and the day. although not wasted, did completely slip past us.

In better, more happy news, we are making our way to Land's End today for a few day on the Isles of Scilly and then some time after that in Cornwall. All in all we have 4 gardens planned to visit so that's a whole lot of HDYGG potential ;)

This week, ramblings from home...

In my garden: Bluebells & hydrangea buds galore have made an appearance. I have high hopes of finding some decent bluebells over the next week to share!

 cacti and succulents

In my home: Cacti and succulents shopping done *yay* and keeping an indoor hydrangea is not as easy as you would think *boo*. I've done much reading up of hydrangea care indoors and they need a lot of good light and water. I kept the hydrangea healthy with half a pint of water in the morning and evening but now the blooms are dropping. I don't *think* it's over-watering as the soil doesn't feel wet but I'm not 100% sure what's going on there. I'm leaving it in the caring hands *ahem* of my husband whilst I'm away. If it's going to die I'd feel better if it happened on someone else's watch. I must plant this out in the garden on my return next week.


Thanks to all who joined in last week, some faves include: family gardening, an influx of spring colours, hyacinth love and chooks and beehives.