146. HDYGG

The UK’s pre-eminent collection of Lachenalias (the ‘leopard lily’) will be on display in the Five Arrows Gallery. Lachenalias represent one of the fastest-growing collector plants in the country. The Genus is full of interest, with 133 (and counting!) species offering a variety of colour during the dull winter months. Their size makes them the ideal plant for a kitchen pot, windowsill or conservatory, and they have an exceptionally long flowering season.
— Exbury Gardens

It's  been wonderful to be able to pop to Exbury Gardens once again. The gardens are now open until the 6th November and no matter what time of the year you visit you'll be in for a treat. I must admit my thoughts have already started to turn to daydreams of the giant wisteria blooming. The daffodil field at Exbury is the perfect partner to the blue skies we have been seeing in the UK this week.

Most of the photos that I am sharing today are from the Lachenalia display in Five Arrows Gallery. The gallery at Exbury Gardens always has interesting display from plants through to artwork and is a firm favourite with both myself and my children. Many thanks to Theo for his warm welcome!


I hope that you too have been enjoying lovely weather this week. I've dug over the raised beds in my own garden and plans are afoot to buy a consignment of lettuce plugs from Rocket Gardens once again. I am a fair-weather gardener that's for sure!

Thank you, as always, to everyone who joined in last week with 145. HDYGG. Some faves include: Early March Whispers, Cherry Blossoms, seed fanatics here and here and a decision to be made by Ness.