145. How Does Your Garden Grow?



Wotcha! My flowers from last week are still going strong but don’t worry I’ll spare you more of the same as last week, this week I’m taking you to my mums garden. Colour is starting to creep in slowly and there’s more green about, Spring is here and it’s lining things up nicely for Summer…

Inside I spent a little time (but not as long as I would have liked) catching up on my mum’s recent finds. I love books like this, I could flick through them for hours…

vintage gardening book

Thanks to all who joined in last week, some faves include: a colour injection from Claudia, rhubarb, more lovely colour and working on a garden as a family

Have a lovely week ahead everyone! My local Exbury Gardens re-opens this weekend and I’m looking forward to visiting and seeing how it’s all looking – it’ll be time for wisteria hysteria before we know it!

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  1. We were looking at spades the other week and I honestly thought a spade was a spade and it seems not! I don’t know where I would start with knives. I’m sure I use most tools for the wrong purpose!

  2. I never thought of secateurs as being French but then there it all is, in the very French sounding name. S├ęcatuer is indeed French. My s├ęcatuers (bought in France so they can have the accent) have been busy this week and I’ll be along shortly to add a fruit pruning post.

  3. your flowers from last week look stunning still. as so does your mum’s garden. always. spring is definitely there and it is slowly finally here too. i needed it. xx Claudia

  4. I love how you capture the mood and feeling of a garden. Basically Annie I could just keep coming back and back to gaze at your photos.

  5. as always a lovely tour of your mum’s garden, just how big is it Annie? I keep seeing something new every ‘visit’ loving the old gardening books, i love going through my mum’s collection of books when i visit there

  6. Spring is wonderful. I love all the new growth and the flowers that are so determined to bloom no matter what! Lovely photo’s too

  7. Spring is wonderful. I love all the new growth and the flowers that are so determined to bloom no matter what! Lovely photo’s too

  8. Spring is definitely popping up.
    Loving the red berries, which seem to be all over the place at the moment, an odd dash of Winter in Spring! That book looks rather interesting, obviously I need to up my garden tool game!

  9. I love the look of those books. I have some vintage gardening books & they are quite eye-opening. People were quite rigid with the gardening rules back in the 60s & 70s. Those foxglove seedlings look healthy. The ones we have at the allotment have seeded themselves around the plot. I moved them pronto before the husband motivated them into oblivion!

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