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13 thoughts on “144. How Does Your Garden Grow?”

  1. love the selection of flowers and colors that you picked. i don’t think you’re a pussy. at least you made it to the store. i might not have. these photographs are gorgeous. they look like paintings! xx Claudia

  2. Just beautiful. I have to sneak flowers into the house as they make my husband sneeze. He always finds them. Beautiful jewel colours you chose. Hats off to you for making it to the florist. Here’s to more time out in the garden.

  3. Stunning my lovely, and totally understanding the magic of this vs the downpour xx

  4. What a gorgeous selection of beautiful blooms! I did think it was a bit ironic that I posted my monthly garden update on a day when no-one in their right mind would have been out in the garden, so I don’t blame you for skipping the garden visit at all!

  5. Well this looks like a mighty fine selection of flowers! I don’t think it matters what technically goes together, as long as you like what you’ve picked out. A lot of the bouquets in shops look a bit too tidy for my liking. Moody and colourful; I like these photos very much indeed.

  6. Do you know what? I think I may have to head to one of our local florists and treat myself to some mixed flowers. What a way to cheer oneself up whilst winter hangs on and keeps spring at bay. Stunning photographs πŸ™‚

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