142. How Does Your Garden Grow?

Orchids in the glasshouse at RHS Wisley
Orchids in the glasshouse at RHS Wisley

Yesterday we headed to the ever lovely RHS Wisley with Victoria a la Southbourne Gardens for a morning of exploring. From butterflies in the glasshouse to sprout plants in the vegetable patch and everywhere in between. Kitty, Oz and I loved the fresh air and a chance to catch up with Victoria and a jolly nice morning was had by all.

We’re keen to sort out a few more jaunts out at gardens over the year, so I’ll pop a few meetup dates in my nav bar soon. Now, on to the piccies!

butterflies feeding

jacobs ladder


This next one reminds me of when Claudia lived in Miami…






bluebells and snowdrops

Thanks to all who joined in last week, some fave include: Bristol’s Windmill Hill City Farm, Flower Joy & Instagram and the joy of bubblewrap (!!!)

10 replies on “ 142. How Does Your Garden Grow? ”
  1. oh Annie…. this post has my name written all over it with all of these orchids. thanks for thinking of me. i must admit, i have been missing our jungle miami garden. this sort of made me home sick. but in the best of ways. beautiful shots. xx

  2. Ha ha, yes, very Miami-esq 🙂 We woke to snow, much to the enjoyment of gite guests (which was you a year ago – can you believe it’s been a year!). So your warm pictures hit just the right spot with me! Sorry I missed last week but winter has been playing havoc with my garden plans and this thing called life kept getting in the way! Back now though 🙂

  3. I forgot about grey days looking at these gorgeous photos. Now only if we could have some Miami sun! And thank you for the mention! Definitely would love to join in on a garden meet up again.

  4. the guords/squashes are an unusual shape. it must be lovely to be able to visit and take your photo’s while the children play happily.

  5. Such beautiful photos, I swear you can make any season look like summer as you have such an eye for drawing out a spot of colour in nature

  6. Beautiful photos, my eyes are drawn to those squashes…can’t think why.
    It’s lovely to see snowdrops appearing again, Spring is on the way!
    Thank you for featuring my Windmill Hill City Farm post 🙂

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