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9 thoughts on “141. How Does Your Garden Grow?”

  1. you’re not alienating me, the linky’s I join in with are about connecting with other people also, i look forward to them, they give me purpose to blog and i love leaving commentsand it doesn’t bother me if I never see the response, often i visit the bloggers other social media sites and connect with their over there to continue with the conversation. I joined in with a travel one that sadly disappeared but i carried on blogging on the subject, there are sadly a few pinky’s i’d love to join in with, but i’ve fallen out with the hosts on subjects other than their link up. I thought I’d be giving up blogging when i started working full time, some weeks i do struggle to write the various posts, I wrote a post last week that got 4000 hits, loads of comments including one’s from trolls, but it makes me realise I do have something of value to say that people want to hear and off i go again, blogging about nothing waiting for my ‘big break’ lol. I’d miss HDYGG, i have loads of posts scheduled and it gets me out and about with my camera, exploring and discovering new places.

  2. I’m not alienated either – especially when you comments make me spray tea at the screen (clearly I should be drinking gin as this would never happen then!) Sometimes though I get the need to stop, pause and reevaluate what we do. Perhaps if you do that HDYGG could go on tour around this fabulous community we’ve built? I’d certainly be up for it, take care and be kind to yourself xx

  3. I’m with the others below; I don’t feel alienated πŸ™‚ I love this linky, it helps me get my butt into gear and I’ve discovered some lovely blogs through it. Don’t be too hard on yourself either, just treat your blog as something you can pick up and put down as you need to. It’s yours, you can do what you like with it. If you have time out we’ll all still be here when you ‘get back’. Beautiful photos as always Annie. x

  4. wow!!!!! i’m dying over these shots. i want it to be like that here already. we are very behind…. xx

  5. First of all just LOVE the pictures. I personally would not want you to stop blogging as you’re way too talented at it – you’ve inspired so many of us. But naturally don’t feel you have to be doing it all the time as you have other priorities and less time. We’ll just keep stopping by to see when you have an update! I’d also be willing to help out as Stephanie suggested with hydygg – I love our little community and look forward every week to seeing everyone’s posts while it kicks me into gear to do a nature diary update.

  6. I went on a blogging hiatus. Since August last year I just stopped. Of course my reason is different. My marriage is ending and it just takes so much of my energy that I can no longer do other things. I am slowly going back and this is the first one that I did for the longest time. I agree with Kriss that your blog is one of the inspiring ones especially your photos but in the end its between you and your blog so whatever you decide we readers will respect! But please dont go =P

  7. HDYGG is one of my favourite linkys, I love your photos & your comments. You’re always so supportive & clearly see value in growing things, especially with children. But I completely understand why you’re thinking of having a break. I would say blogging was a hobby for me, I do love it, but generally only post once a week…I really don’t know how some people post multiple times a week & have time to promote it. It is a full time commitment, which must sometimes be overwhelming. If you need the HDYGG community to help out, just shout. But if you decide to take a break, I will miss you, but respect your decision xx

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