140. How Does Your Garden Grow?

Brief snippets from this week from grandad’s garden  and my desk at home. I really need to add a proper life update on here soon as there’s much going on at the moment. In the meantime accept my apologies for the shortness of this post and my feeble blogging altogether! Muchos love x

Thanks to all who joined in last week, some faves include: the windowsill garden, Sabrina’s Spring garden, glimpses of Kriss’s and Sam’s January allotment update.

Mammsaurus HDYGG

8 replies on “ 140. How Does Your Garden Grow? ”
  1. i love his garden. it’s further ahead than anything i have seen around here. you must be busy. i miss knowing what you are up to. hope you are all well! xx

  2. Such beautiful photos Annie – each one has a bit of Winter and a bit of Spring in it. Hope your hyacinths started smelling eventually! My second one is flowering now but I’ll spare everyone from a third post 😉

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