138. How Does Your Garden Grow?

Flowers in a tin
Flowers in a tin

I’ve a real mixed bag of photos for this week’s HDYGG, moments captured over the past week, so please excuse the mish-mash! Below you can see a bike parked up outside a shop in Krakow, where we spent the weekend. Initially I was all excited, then I got a bit closer and realized they are actually rather tatty fake ones, back stand back and squint a bit and it’s allllll goood.

Flowers in bike basket

Below is the monster hydrangea in the front garden of the house opposite ours. No word of a lie, this hydrangea head is bigger than my own head! I resisted the temptation to take a selfie to illustrate this point. This hydrangea has been in full bloom pretty much all year, I marvel at it every day when I leave the house. Sadly post-frost it’s starting to turn brown *sobs*

giant hydrangea head

In my neighbour Alex’s garden…



It never ceases to amaze me how one can be still vibrant and next to it, one so skeletal. And so my hydrangea obsession goes on. I think everyone has just accepted it now, each week there will be at least one token hydrangea.

hydrangea petal skeleton
hydrangea petal skeleton

From a book I’ve been flicking through. Not that you would know it from this minuscule font I am using at the moment, but I’m really rather loving old style fonts at the moment. Oh if every post could begin with a big ornate drop cap like this ey? 

Furze, vintage book

Sea Campion, vintage book

And finally, in our home, these beauts are gracing the table courtesy of Flower Card who do a range of, as you can probably guess, flower cards. Not just flower cards but tins, like mine, with flowers and even succulents in, posies, trugs and more.. It all works very simply, stalk the website (no pun intended), pick a gift and personalize with your message and they send it out. The Vintage Tin option that you see below includes freesias, lisianthus, veronica, dried poppy heads and sprigs of rosemary. A pretty combination I think.

Flowers in a tin
Flowers in a tin
Flowers overhead
Flowers overhead

Thanks to all who joined in last week, some faves include: a slow start, park surfers (what can I say – I’m a sucker for a man in a wetsuit), Hever’s Italian garden and the rise of the indoor garden.

I hope you are all enjoying the colour left out in the garden and wonder how many of you have had snow? Nothing but a few hard frosts here so Instagram is giving me my fill of fluffy snow pics!

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14 replies on “ 138. How Does Your Garden Grow? ”
  1. Such a pretty mish mash!
    The bike looks lovely from this distance, but moving on to more important things…that hydrangea! Holy whoa, that is gorgeous, especially for this time of year.
    Some crazy person down the road lobed the heads of their hydrangeas, didn’t even leave the new buds! I almost cried when I saw the hacking job they’d done, at least I can rely on you for my hydrangea fix.

  2. The hydrangea is stunning and I simply cannot believe it is the size of your head, so you must post that picture of you with it, Annie! 😉
    The pictures are beautiful and I love that book.
    Thank you for hosting xx

  3. Bit of a weak link this week I’m afraid with underwater plants and an artificial environment but fits in nicely with your artificial flowers in Krakow. I love the flowers in a tin

  4. I’m still getting my head round the size of that hydrangea! I’m a bit tempted to go outside now and put my head next to one in my garden!

  5. Oh I needed these lovely pics on a dreary day like today! I live in hope of unearthing a book like that in a charity shop one day, although that would likely signal the end of productivity for a while…

    I’ve been terribly bad at linking up lately, too much time spent writing indoors-y posts and not enough garden exploring for my liking. Must make time, I’m really missing it.

    Off to check out Flower Card now, I’m loving the whole tin thing 🙂

  6. I’m jealous I have not seen one blooming hydrangea recently just brown ones like mine! Love the idea of flowers in a tin – will stalk when I get internet at home once again!

  7. Thanks for the mention and well… yes, well…
    I got excited by that bike too and squinted just like you said so it didn’t spoil it for me. Love that fancy flowery drop capitals – and flowers in a tin, whatever next? Gin, oh no we’ve done that 😉 xx

  8. I’m doing my best squinty face and I think I might be able to smell the flowers in the bike baskets 😉 Amazing skeletal petals on that hydrangea and I can’t believe you’d found a bloom THAT large. You’ve set the hydrangea bar Spratt! Thanks for linking to my, I’m off to check out those flowers tins…

  9. Thanks for sharing your beautiful photos from the last week. That hydrangea is awesome… so sad to think of it turning brown with the frost. I love the flower tin. how have I not spied these before? What a fabulous gift idea x

  10. What a lovely mish mash and eyes are well and truly squinted for the bike photo. The illustrated book is stunning, but then I am a sucker for books like that. It is interesting to see that they call gorse, furze – I’ve not heard that in a long time.

  11. This is the first time in aaaages I’ve popped by to your blog Annie, and it’s so good to read it again. Love your photos from this week, that hydrangea is beautiful. That tin is lovely, what a great selection of flowers in there.

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