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19 thoughts on “137. How Does Your Garden Grow?”

  1. Am about to dump a link and run .. to the polytunnel. Will be back later to read and comment properly. Enjoy Kraków, the boys always snigger when they land on it on Ticket to RIde!

  2. these are sooooooooooo beautiful! are you loving your new camera? i am. glad you are back in the swing of things and enjoy your weekend getaway! xx

  3. Camellias already, isn’t it a bit early yet? Saying that though, there are daffodils-a-plenty popping everywhere at the moment! Beautiful photos as always Annie, I yearn to be outdoors today, enjoying this fantastically chilly weather. Enjoy Kraków!

  4. Beautiful Annie! I’ve just been trying to find some new gardens to visit but so many are still closed for the winter. I’m yearning for some spring colour….or snow!

  5. £32 is a bargain for a garden that’s open all year round. I’ve just checked one that is near me and that’s was £32 for last year as well but their opening season is only March to September. I do like to see the same gardens all year round as you can measure the changes from one month to another and even over the years.

  6. Gorgeous Annie. I spotted my first snow drop during some time pottering in the garden this weekend and my new camellia has a bud too. Exciting times, thanks for hosting xx

  7. Gorgeous photos, as always, but my jaw is really on the floor about that membership — all that for just £32?! You’d practically pay that in a single visit to Kew online.

    Adds Hillier to top of must visit list

    Hope all is well with the job, lovely. xxx

  8. So many of the smaller ones close over winter, I am guessing it’s just not viable for them to stay open all year round. Still – there’s always Wisley 😉

  9. I have literally no clue why it doesn’t come up any more – will put a ticket into Squarespace support – we will get to the bottom of it if it’s the last thing I do!

  10. sorry for the dump and run last week, you’ve been on my to do list and I’m slowly working through it. What a fantastic price and lovely bonus of the other gardens to visit. i love the photographs of the bamboo, my youngest thought if we grew some in the garden then the Pand’s would come and live there

  11. What a fab membership idea! And it just goes to show, even though I am desperate to get out in the garden, beautiful things can be found (and captured) in this dormant period.

    Nina x

  12. What treats there are for those who treat the path of a winter’s garden. Even in death nature has such beauty. Winter may feel he holds us forever in his iron grip but spring will win out in the end. as it has always been.

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