136. How Does Your Garden Grow?

berries and buckets

Rain, rain and more rain (boo), a house full of flu (double-boo) and a new job (triple yay!) Needless to say, I haven’t been out and about mooching in gardens. But all is not lost, I did have a literal soggy 5 minutes in my mums garden when visiting her at the weekend. She was rather chuffed with her hyacinth haul from a well known DIY store last week, who were selling over hyacinths that were ‘past their prime’ for something daft like 10p a pot. Now you and I know that  the bulbs can be planted out in the garden to come up year after year but obvs the corporate masses don’t like shabby plants still on their shelves – the result was a receipt listing a saving of something daft like £90! And so there are sitting outside, enjoying the rain, waiting to be tucked in to their soily beds.

And elsewhere in the garden, in the summerhouse the succulents are staying happy and healthy…

And finally a quick look around the area outside the summerhouse…

a rather cunning use for an old office water bottle
a rather cunning use for an old office water bottle
terracotta pots
terracotta pots

Thanks to all who joined in last week, some faves include: Claudia’s Japonica love, Sam’s garden walk and Rosies 2015 -2016 look back and forward.

Mammsaurus HDYGG

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  1. Gorgeous gorgeous! Your mum’s garden looks so beautiful! Mine is meh and muddy, and I struggled to get ‘beautiful’ pictures! Do hope you are all feeling better now? I have a new blog and am linking up my first new year gardening post. It’s so lovely to be back xx

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