135. How Does Your Garden Grow?

Wotcha! Are you feeling all refreshed post-Christmas break or are you still slouching about the house finishing off the festive feast? I'm a little of both, I feel all refreshed but it feels like, in the words of Morrissey, Everyday is like Sunday, which keeps making me feel like doing slightly less. This will of course all be remedied next Monday when the kids go back to school and normal routine resumes.

 Sir Harold Hillier Gardens at Romsey
 Sir Harold Hillier Gardens at Romsey

We've been out and about a lot over Christmas, photos this week are from local-ish Sir Harold Hillier Gardens at Romsey on one (rare) sunny morning, Crimbo Eve Eve I think,  when the skies were oh so blue.

Thanks to all who joined in the week-before-last with the Crimbo HDYGG,  obvs you are all mega-stars in my eyes, but some faves include: the Normandy garden, twisted willow, all the trees at Arley Hall, the vintage Crimbo countdown, the queen of light making magic happen again and for skillz above and beyond the call of duty, for finding so many Christmas trees, Suzanne!

Mammsaurus HDYGG
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