133. HDYGG – Hillier Gardens, Romsey

You know how it is, one minute you are minding your own business, pottering along in a garden, pondering some of lifes important issues such as ‘Does wearing this body-warmer age me 15 years?’ when BAM… You see something. You dismiss it. You look again. You think ‘but it can’t be…’ But it really is. DAFFODILS.

Daffodils - Narcissus 'First Hope'
Daffodils – Narcissus ‘First Hope’


Oh yes. And this…


Yeah so they have totally thrown me today. In other news I’ve been trying out my new Nikon. These are the first photos I have taken with it and I’ve a whole period of adjustment to go through to get used to a bigger, heavier and much more technical camera. It’s a learning curve I keep telling myself, same as with any change. I’ll write a little more about the change and it’s challenges and my thoughts over the weekend, for now it’s all about what’s growing in the garden. This week the garden in question is Hillier Gardens, Romsey.

Helleborus 'Ice Breaker Pico'
Helleborus ‘Ice Breaker Pico’
Helleborus 'Ashwood Gardens Hybrid'
Helleborus ‘Ashwood Gardens Hybrid’

Hillier Gardens
Hillier Gardens

Autumn leaves & berries


Hillier gardens

Pulmonaria Rubra
Pulmonaria Rubra

What’s that I hear you cry? ‘Wot no hydrangea?’ Like I would let that happen.


Love hydrangea petal skeletons 



Still the faintest of colour

Chimney pot
Chimney pot
I didn't note the name of this one, but it looks so festive I had to include it!
I didn’t note the name of this one, but it looks so festive I had to include it!

festive window

Thanks to all who joined in last week, some faves include: this golden hour (remember when we used to have them here *sigh*), ice & frostiness here  and here, the sunny contrast here and this Autumn leaf lantern idea.

Mammsaurus HDYGG

13 replies on “ 133. HDYGG – Hillier Gardens, Romsey ”
  1. Those winter flowers are some of my favourites, particularly hellebores and snowdrops – like little lanterns sigh
    Beautiful photographs. Our garden’s waterlogged and brown at the moment. About as uninspiring as it gets. It’s lovely to see your pictures and dream about colour and scent. Oh, and I’ve yet to find anything to rival hydrangeas for sheer gorgeousness at every stage of flowering, from bright full bloom to papery brown to winter skeleton ghostliness. I’m waxing lyrical and that’s without a drink!

    1. Thanks Sarah – our garden looks really sorry for itself here apart from a single red geranium that it going it alone. So lucky to have a local gardens with a ‘Winter Garden’ section.
      Hydrangeas might just be the best plant ever. Now if you’ll excuse me Im off to google image search some blue ones to make me happy…
      You have created a monster!

  2. The world’s gone mad! No just shows how mild it has been. I saw some more daffodil photos from Hampton Court today. Loving the mystery festive plant. At least something knows what time of year it is!

  3. You’d never guess these were your first photos with a new camera, they are stunning. So much colour still around, beautiful and baffling.

  4. Thanks for adding me, I didn’t get a chance during the day and then didn’t even spot it until I tried to link up- doh! All of those photos look fab, can’t wait to see how much more magnificent your photos become when you get to grips with it. And wow – daffs – snowdrops – hydrangeas, you are spoiling us xx

  5. What? Daffodils? That’s all sorts of wrong…must be some sort of micro-climate in Romsey. Even the hellebores are a bit early aren’t they?
    One of my rose plants has produced another bloom. It’s December for goodness sake! We’ve had one frost here so far, it has been really damp & mild mainly.
    Thank you for linking through to my Autumn leaves lantern project 🙂

  6. gorgeous shots. looks like you have the hang of a new camera already. that is the one thing i don’t like about my nikon, how heavy it is. it stays home a lot. unless i am really going somewhere. and….. hello, you have spring happening. crazy. xx

  7. I can’t believe there are daffodils, they must be very confused. Our hellebore in the garden have started flowering and that doesn’t usually start until late January, all very strange. In no time you will be used to your new camera. Hope you are well x

  8. I think they are an early variety of daffodils, we have a few buds on the farm but the village has them in full bloom like yours which looks a little mad next to the Christmas tree! Our snowdrops are widespread though which I’m sure is because we’ve only had one frost this year, sadly the summer bugs are still around too, I’m ready for a heavy frost now.

  9. Daffodils!? It’s been a very mild December though so they are probably very confused. Iris are popping up in our back garden and the Campanula are in full bloom again – way too early for both. It feels like Spring and Winter have collided in this post – love it! Have fun with your Nikon 🙂

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