132. How Does Your Garden Grow?

*waves over enthusiastically*

Many thanks to Gemma for hosting HDYGG last week whilst I was away. I had a jolly good week split between Iceland and Yorkshire and have bursting memory cards of photos to go through and share photographs from. Always a good thing I like to think.

This week I’m being a bit of a Charlie Cheat-Pants and sharing some photos from a trip to RHS Wisley a few weeks ago because as we all know, when the weather gets tough the tough get their butts to a glasshouse.

 I’ve not one but two new cameras that I have been getting to grips with – one of which totally out-foxed me buy using a compact flash memory card instead of the familiar SD card. There was drama when I discovered my slot was too big and my photo taking plans at the Folklings retreat this weekend hampered.

Next week I will back with a vengeance and up to date photos to share with you.

Girl Guides honour… 


PS. I missed you guys!

Mammsaurus HDYGG

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  1. when you have a moment i would love to hear more about your new camera and lenses. perhaps a post idea? also, the first half of this post gave me miami flashbacks and sort of made me home sick? and lastly, i really wish i could have been at that little gettogether…. xx

    1. Indeed indeed Claudia, I haven’t used my new one at all yet. This will sound daft but I am waiting for a day to myself to really enjoy using it for the first time rather than just popping out with it!

  2. I missed last week too as that thing called LIFE just got in the way! Back now with some ideas to get you out in the garden in December and not just into the nearest glasshouse 😉

  3. Whenever I see your photographs of Wisley I always spot bits of it I have never seen before. I’m really wanting to get a trip in there after Christmas.

  4. a lovely collection of photos (as usual) i love the one of the deep pink rose, it looks like its suspended in mid air

  5. Linking up with a craft project using leaves from the garden…not much actually growing in the garden at the moment. Also, the lantern features Hydrangea petals…I know how much you love them! Thanks again for hosting #HDYGG

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