132. How Does Your Garden Grow?

*waves over enthusiastically*

Many thanks to Gemma for hosting HDYGG last week whilst I was away. I had a jolly good week split between Iceland and Yorkshire and have bursting memory cards of photos to go through and share photographs from. Always a good thing I like to think.

This week I'm being a bit of a Charlie Cheat-Pants and sharing some photos from a trip to RHS Wisley a few weeks ago because as we all know, when the weather gets tough the tough get their butts to a glasshouse.

 I've not one but two new cameras that I have been getting to grips with - one of which totally out-foxed me buy using a compact flash memory card instead of the familiar SD card. There was drama when I discovered my slot was too big and my photo taking plans at the Folklings retreat this weekend hampered.

Next week I will back with a vengeance and up to date photos to share with you.

Girl Guides honour... 


PS. I missed you guys!

Mammsaurus HDYGG