130. How Does Your Garden Grow?

One hundred and thirty? Can you believe it? Well I didn’t bake a cake but I did make boozy brandy and stem ginger icing for doughnuts this week – does that count?

Photos this week are from Grandad’s garden. It dawned on me this week that I’ve been out and about a fair bit of late and have neglected updates from there, so here goes.

It’s mainly down to two things at the moment, hydrangeas and leaves. Never ending leaves that is, as the copse of ancient towering trees behind his garden lose their leaves. The garden itself is huge so to see the grass a blanket of leaves is quite a sight – and quite the job to clear! He gathers and burns the leaves weekly, each week clearing the grass only for it to be completely blanketed again a week later. If I had to deal with all those leaves I would be going mad…

So obviously I have posted lots of photos of the leaves yes? Errr…

*wonders if anyone will notice hydrangea overload*

Before I forget, next week I’ll be off and away in Iceland (the country not the shop, I won’t be waist deep in frozen prawn rings) so Gemma will be hosting.

Thanks to those who joined in last week, always a quieter time of the year but, on the bright side, it means I can spend longer reading the posts *huzzah*. Some faves include: In the Night Garden (proof that camera flashes aren’t necessarily the devil), apples galore in West Virginia and blooming Normandy.

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12 replies on “ 130. How Does Your Garden Grow? ”
  1. i don’t mind the hydrangea overload. you definitely have more color than we do here. and i am getting to be quite familiar with the falling of the leaves again although we have done nothing about it yet. have a great time in iceland! looking forward to pics and am slightly jealous. xx

  2. I had planned to blog about the beautiful roses in my garden this week, but my mind has been filled with recent world events. The post went into an area I don’t usually blog about, but I feel it’s an important topic.

    I still wanted the #HDYGG readers to see the beautiful images of the roses…but the post is not garden related…hope that’s ok. Please feel free to remove if you’d prefer.

    Thanks again for hosting #HDYGG, beautiful photography as ever. Your Grandad’s garden has much more Autumnal colour than mine does at the moment…

  3. Now I’m on a mission to see if I can create this effect with my hydrangeas, I don’t hold out much hope but if I manage it I’ll link up!

  4. LOVE those hydrangeas. You are my inspiration Annie (and Grandad). I need something along our fence line (to hide the ugly fence) and I’m going to plant hydrangeas, research over winter and plant them in the new year. Nice one, thanks for that!

  5. Hydrangeas are spectacular at this time of year. In fact, dare I say better than when they are in full bloom over the Summer because of all the changing colours. Our blue one is now deep pink, purple, blue AND green. I went out and snapped a few photos ready for my post next week. Have an amazing time in Iceland 🙂 I’m off to check out your boozy doughnut recipe! NOM!

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