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12 thoughts on “129. How Does Your Garden Grow?”

  1. These photos could have been taken 100 years ago – they are so evocative of another time. I found shells like that in my grandfather’s garden but have no idea what they were used for. From me today I give you yet more colour as, to date, Autumn’s wet and windy side has kept away from Normandy. Oh and that picture last week. It was the Eden Project and we trekked down there when I was in the UK. I bought an annual pass so will try and do a second visit next year as it was so wonderful and there was so much we didn’t see. Have you been?

  2. Yes I have indeed been to the Eden Project. Just the once as we have only been down ‘that far’ South once so far. We loved it and we went in October time so I can only imagine what it must be like June / July time. So much there for the children too Rosie, we all loved it to bits.
    Oddly enough I was going to say The Eden Project to that photo last week but I stalked you socially back and didn’t see you were in Cornwall so didn’t say!

  3. I wasn’t online much due to very limited internet connection and really just wanted some time with me and the boys. I do have a bucket load of photos so I could do a blog about it. BTW have you seen our new piglets?

  4. Well waddya know?! I have pictures from the same garden so have joined in. Yours however make it look like a completely different world, on a completely different day. Because you have the photo skillz and I have … cake. I have cake for next week.

  5. The seashells! I was reading this week about the past fashion for cockle shells in gardens. The kids like to bring them back from the coast but they do look a bit odd considering we live about as far away from the sea as one can in the UK.

  6. cake for sure next week. and you’re baking it. cause i’ve seen you bake some mean things. i wish i could eat it though…. i like the moodiness of these shots. and i love your attitude towards the rain. xx

  7. Ah those pots, I have a soft spot for all things terracotta. Also glasshouses – ate an amazing meal in one in Sweden shortly after getting engaged! Yes to the cake. If you are baking I’ll be eating 😉 I have some hdygg photos on my camera but I keep getting delayed home in the evening (shakes fist at public transport) and then anything other than essential chores go out the window. Can’t believe next week is no.130. Amazing!

  8. You know I love that door! Secrecy calls to the snooper! And the vine taking over the wicker chair…how great will that look when it takes over completely! Shame that it rained but you made it look lovely!

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