129. How Does Your Garden Grow?

When I stayed in Devon at the weekend there was 5 acres of gardens to explore. The weather sensed my optimism and decided to enhance my looks around by raining much of the time.

Wearing a borrowed long waterproof mac and wellies I went off to explore and when the going got tough, the tough found a glasshouse and felt smug. Even more so when the discovery of terracotta pots and sea shells were made inside...

 ivy trailing over chair
 basket of shells
 wicker chair
 sea shells
 blue door
 fallen apples

Many thanks to everyone who joined in last week, the blasts of Autumn colour really perked up what was a very grey day. As usual I'm sharing some faves: These tremendous trees at Kew, the gardens of a restored medieval manor house , impressive Autumn colour from Claremont Landscape garden, twisted willow goodness and an allotment bench with some charming history.

Next week is the 130th edition, that has to mean cake right? Right? 

*looks hopeful*

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