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16 thoughts on “127. HDYGG – Dahlias in the Trials Field, RHS Wisley”

  1. this my friend is total insanity. i’m a bit envious that i don’t get to go to places like this with you. maybe one day. amazing place. amazing shots. also, thanks for making the blog claudia proof. it is so much easier to navigate now. i am happy again. xx

  2. Wow – wow – wow. Off to get my 4.5 biscuits to pore over this properly. You are surely spoiling us this week missus – thanks for hosting x

  3. Fantastic ! Gosh lucky you , what a wonderful day you had ……. kinda makes my solitary dahlia one look VERY SICK indeed ……!!! Come with tips !!!

  4. I do love a dahlia. And a biscuit or three, so all in all a fabulous post! Even those buckets of deadheads – those colours are gorgeous. We’ve had a rubbish year for them so it’s very lovely to see dahlias growing in all their glory.

  5. what an amazing place to visit and the photos are stunning (I ate 2 squares of chocolate and drank half a latte)

  6. I’m drooling! I’ve planted some dahlias in our back garden over the Summer and in my mind it will look exactly like this next year. Haha! Excuse me while I sit and scroll up and down this post for the next half hour 🙂

  7. Annie, I’ve something controversial to say: I’m not a dahlia fan. They’re so bright and, well, pom-pommy… But I am clearly in the minority here, so perhaps I will change my mind in a few months, just as I have with hydrangeas, about which I seemed to be the very last to jump onto the bandwagon. Always a late follower, me… (Your photos on the other hand, are just as stunning as ever, despite the subject, ha ha.)

    And thanks for the nice words about my Beth Chatto piece last week. I’m just back from two days photographing trees at Kew, so expect plenty of those next week — once I’ve had a chance to edit the gazillion-billion photos down enough for a blog post.


  8. OH ANNIE. THOSE DAHLIAS!!! That’s really all I have to say.

    Except that Cafe au Lait is the one I’m hoping to grow in 2016. Fingers crossed…


    I do know what you mean though, I didn’t use to like them either, they always struck me as a ‘little bit 70s’ before.
    Oh I bet Kew is stunning at this time of year, look forward to seeing some of those shots 🙂

  10. Seeing them all growing in a row is quite a sight. Someone near my mother in law has a front garden with a large cut flower patch in it and it never ceases to amaze me how tall they can get!

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