122. How Does Your Garden Grow?

Red poppy


When I came back from New York I had a massive tantrum. The camera I was loaned went back and suddenly I was bereft, the super clarity from the Pentax was gone, I was in mourning. I didn’t take my camera out for a whole 5 days, usually unheard of. Then came a new lens from my Fujifilm, the 23mm f1.4R XF.

It’s been a learning curve, I can blur out the background manually now, something I’ve only ever managed to achieve by chance on the Auto setting in the past. 50% of the photos I have taken have been out of focus with it, I need more practice I can tell. This week I’m sharing photos from Grandad’s garden and Exbury Gardens taken with the new lens.  It’s given me the little enthusiasm boost I needed to get back out taking photos!

Hydrangea Hydrangea



How Does Your Garden Grow?


The happy bee

Right people, it’s time for a ‘What’s that plant?’ (or should I say ‘plants’). Both the next two plants have both my mother and I stumped – does anyone have any ideas please?!

Mystery plant - do you know what it is? Mystery plant – do you know what it is?

How Does Your Garden Grow?

And finally it’s the new hydrangea-replacement-fixation – the start of red autumnal leaves!

Autumn leaves

Thanks to all who joined in last week, some faves include: A walled garden at Shugborough, happy colours at Arnot Hill, Sybil!, the winding down of the allotment, monster sunflowers and finally beautiful photos from Asheville from Claudia who is moving to a new state at the moment and I want to reach through the computer and hug as it’s an emotional time for her.


This week, for a change, and because the linky code seems to totally muff up mobile responsive view, I’m asking you to tweet me @anniespratt your post link if you are joining in and I’ll add you in below. Click on any image below to visit the HDYGG-ers!

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  1. Thanks for joining me up, Annie – I was getting worried when there was no Thursday HDYGG. Sorry you had to give the Pentax back (boy did it take fabulous photos) but you still take gorgeous shots with your new lens. As for the mystery plants, well they are driving me nuts. I know the second one, I have planted it in school gardens but I’ll be damned if I can remember what it is or find it in my books. And is the first one a type of fuchsia perhaps? The leaves look right and the way the flowers hang. I’ll be back later in the hope that some-one else has done better than me.

  2. Is the first one not a bleeding heart? The second I’m not so sure on though I’d want to guess some sort of fuschia. Love the pictures with the new lens, what a great new toy!

  3. A new lens! The photos are looking fabulous will with. I would say your mystery plant is a bleeding heart but it is the end of September and not May…

  4. I think your pictures look amazing with any camera or lens that you use. I am really excited now HDYGG is in the autumn season, bring on all the gourds.

    The first plant is a type of Chinese Lantern variety – trailing abutilon (Abutilon megapotamicum).The second one looks a type of woody fuchsia but no idea….

    Love the bee zooming up to the fuchsia, quickly drinking the last of summer.

  5. Beautiful photos Annie – you really do know your onions! Thanks for the mention (hope the Fawlty Towers impersonations haven’t stopped) and for linking me up. The first mystery plant looks almost dicentra -ish as others have said but not quite, and the second one is that a kind of south african fuchsia-type thing?! Both are pretty whatever they are… xx

  6. Hiya Annie, I love your photos, the poppy is just beautiful! I am trying to share my link but when I click ‘add your link’ it takes me to your Journal instead? Could be something at my end but thought I would ask just in case…? Amy xx

  7. I had to join in the identify the mystery flowers search! Agree with Happy Homebird that the first must be trailing Abuliton (Abuliton megapotacium). The second one might be an Escallonia shrub?
    Your photos are beautiful lovely Annie!! In fact I’m going to start pinning as soon as I finish this comment!

  8. Oh so lovely. I’m loving the blur it works really well. I desperately trying to save up for an DSLR. (It’s going slowly 🙁 ) I have only ever had bridge cameras and atmosphere I’ve only got a compact as my bridge broke :-(. Any recommendations? ::-)

    Thanks for including my armor hill flowers in your post.

  9. oh i bet you were fed up when the camera went back, i’m still on auto setting with my Nikon for EVERYTHING, tried some shots of the moon yesterday and the air was blue, no idea what the mystery flowers are other than they both slightly resemble fuchsias, looking forward to seeing autumnal pictures as i doubt we have autumn here, but I’ll let you know if it happens

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