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0 thoughts on “115. How Does Your Garden Grow? Exbury Gardens”

  1. Yes this week has been a funny one, I’ve had the heating on, washing still damp on the maiden after two days and making jam huddled around a camp fire with freezing rain battering it down. Then yesterday afternoon was glorious so it cannot make its mind up.

    I do like those red sweet peas, I always seem to grow purples and pinks. I saw a red, white and blue (well probably more purple) mix that I’ve made a note of to grow next year to be patriotic. Love the echinacea too, another I keep meaning to grow.

  2. Stunning photos, what a beautiful garden! Our garden at The Barn was very overgrown and has needed some brutal pruning back since we moved in so it’s not looking at it’s best at the moment but I’m looking forward to planting some annuals which will add some colour and seeing what emerges. Thanks for hosting, first time linking up x

  3. Beautiful photo’s, the purples are stunning. My too love catching crickets too, I’ve just shared a post all about this!

  4. gorgeous photos Annie, particularly loving the ones of the hydrangea and sweet peas and of Kitty and Ozzy exploring… I’d love to visit Exbury gardens, it’s definitely on my list if I’m ever down that way! x

  5. Thanks for the mention lovely. And wow – the colour of those hydrangeas at the top, they have a blackberry-like feel to them. I’m with Kitty on being glad they’re coming out as I love blackberrying and have my eye on a spot down by the Thames! And those echinaceas – beautiful x

  6. what absolutely stunning pictures Annie. i especially love the first two. like, are they even real? crazy! anyway, i know what you mean about butterflies dancing at your feet because i have had it here in west virginia. so good!

  7. So many lovely photos – the hydrangeas, anemones, the light, the hydrangeas (again), I love it all!! I can’t believe your blackberries are nearly there already. Most of the ones around here are still green. What are you going to make with them? That sweet pea frame is EXACTLY what I’m after for the back garden… Thanks for including a link to my post in your allotment bounty list 🙂

  8. I’m seriously missing having weather, it’s just hot and sunny or hot and dark here since May through till October. What are the flowers in the first two pictures? Such amazing colours. Thank you for hosting and I’m going to try the recipe this weekend

  9. Fabulous colour…. the weather has been all over the show at the moment. Particularly love the first couple of pictures! X

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