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0 thoughts on “114. How Does Your Garden Grow? The Walled Garden at Harptree Court”

  1. Oh what a beautiful, magical place to visit. It really is like the Secret Garden! Love it!

  2. Love the violet light, looks like the fairies would be out dancing soon in the garden. I’d be in my element looking around there, especially on a summer’s evening. How lucky you got to explore it.

  3. Just my type of garden! Lots of walls, big wooden doors, fruit and veg growing, beautiful flowers and a community focus!

  4. what a lovely experience and what a magical and beautiful place to have it in. beautiful pictures as always.
    thanks again for linking a girl up! xx

  5. Wow ….I’d be in my element there ! Any plans there to restore the greenhouse ? Any vintage gardenalia …… any victorian cloches ?

  6. There’s just something so special about old walled gardens. Wonderful to see how they’ve brought it back to life while sharing it with the local community. I can just imagine how happy you were there with camera and friend taking beautiful photos!

  7. This place looks fantastic, even more reason to visit πŸ™‚ I really like how wild these gardens look and all the different plants mingling together. There are quite a few gardens tucked behind cobbled walls in the lanes here, I often what sort of garden lays behind them. Got a bit of garden envy after looking at these photos!!

  8. Oh for a walled garden – there is just something so utterly special about them whether they are managed to perfection or merely a whisper of their former glory. If only we could hear the stories those walls could tell!

  9. absolutly glorious I love how they are helping out the local community but not gaining financially from this project. I spent 3 years living in Tenbury Wells in a residential home as a member of staff, we had a walled garden, but it was very over grown, i must go back and visit there next time I’m in the UK

  10. Oh my Annie – you are truly spoiling us this week. I was sold at walled garden and then I saw that door, and the next photo and the next. What a stunning place – thanks for hosting xx

  11. It was one of those places where I was not only loving it but really excited to share it with you when I got home Stephanie!

  12. not sure i have enough time to do all the things i want to do and see the kids and family also. will hopefully be spending Ramadan (june) 2016 in the UK and take in BritMums also and really travel round the UK

  13. oh what a lovely evening, thank you so so much for inviting me. It was blissful. Lets tour the UK seeking out walled gardens. Lets always keep in touch and visit gardens, even when we are old, slightly, bonkers and fart when we bend down to look at a flower.

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