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0 thoughts on “113. How Does Your Garden Grow?”

  1. Awww, the birds nest! So gorgeous! Love to see photos of your grandad’s garden, what a treat to be able visit it. Thanks for doing the linky Annie x

  2. I wish my garden looked half as lovely as granddad’s, you can tell a lot of time and love has gone into it. I love the way this time of year is a riot of every colour, it’s not supposed to all work together but it just does. And crazy-looking baby birds to top it all off! Brilliant.

  3. I love the squabs, I really do. All cuddled up together. Isn’t nature wonderful. The one looking at the camera bizarrely reminds me of my dog,

    Such a gorgeous, colourful garden. My dream. Having the fruit and veggies in the garden too.

  4. Wow, what a stunning garden.
    I was expecting the baby pigeons to look really ugly! lol! They’re quite cute!

  5. Wow, I’m always blown away by your granddads garden, looking wonderful as always. Ewww baby pigeons, just no, I hate the things, once they nest there they return every year, bleurgh.

  6. I love birds but pigeons will be the one bird that I can’t stand. Must be because I used to have to go across Trafalgar Square to my mum’s old work! What a glorious sight Grandad’s garden is. He must spend hours tending to it.

  7. Your grandfather’s garden is an oasis! Just beautiful – like your pictures. Definitely not lookers but it still is rather special to be able to peek and watch the little pigeons.

  8. They scared me a bit I mus tadmit – I think it was the snapping of the beak. Obvs they were just after worms and not to eat my soul – but I’m never too sure of animals!

  9. Every photo is amazeballs! Love the pigeons too and its my dream to see something like that! I want to also own a used nest!!!

  10. oh…. i have missed his garden!! looks beautiful as always. loving all the colors and those poppies! i do love them so.
    thank you for linking me! xx

  11. Beautiful, every photo tells a story! Amazing pictures 🙂 Thanks for hosting..

  12. I’m catching up on blog land after a couple of chaotic weeks – these photos have given me the nature fix I’ve been needing Annie. What are the fluffy pink flowers in your 10th photo down? It’s funny you’ve posted photos of baby pigeons because I’ve been watching a baby one nesting on the roof below my office at work – not the prettiest of birds but I’m glad it’s survived and looking like a proper pigeon at long last 🙂 The muted purple of that hydrangea is very pretty!

  13. Your family seem to have very green fingers…what a gorgeous garden!
    My daughter is also attracted to fruit bushes like a magnet to metal – at this time of year she leaves the allotment with tayberry juice on her face & fingers everytime we go down there…

  14. Magnificent garden. The passion flower is my favourite plant. I’d love to have a few more scents in our garden, none of the plants have a fragrance to them at all.

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