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0 thoughts on “111. How Does Your Garden Grow?”

  1. I love all the pots and other containers that your mum uses as planters. There’s a place on the Isle of Wight which has a whole walkway of chimney pots. I fear they wouldn’t last long in my garden!

  2. Ah, now I feel like I’ve been for a stroll in an English country garden πŸ™‚ It all looks so lush and alive, gorgeous. I especially love the watering can planter, and those peonies are divine.

    Thanks for the terracotta hit too, you can never have too much terracotta!

  3. i do love your mum’s garden. and at the moment it looks absolutely beautiful. such soothing colors it has. sorry you haven’t been feeling well. sounds like too much fun was had. big hugs and thank you for linking me up! xx

  4. Your mum’s garden is stunning. I have a small lawn at the front of my house where I would love to create a cottage garden like this. Beautiful photo’s. The difference in the lavender is amazing. I do like the look of the tall pots anyway. Sorry you’ve come back from Glastonbury feeling ill. I hope you are alot better now.

  5. (Yah! Personal achievement. I’ve remembered to link up.) I love your photos. They make me feel like I’ve spent real time in the garden. So colourful and bright. The difference in the lavender plants is amazing. Must check if any of mine need pot upgrades. Hope you’re over the lurgy soon. I always think garden time is a great remedy.

  6. Sorry to hear you have lurgy πŸ™ And too poorly to mention food in your comment – it must be serious!! As always, your Mums garden is a delight. You posting those lavender photos has solved my sweet pea mystery. The ones in the smaller pot are looking really scraggly and sickly. Now I know why. Gorgeous purple and red colours together in your first photo and those sweet peas look amazing!

  7. Hope you are feeling better. Just loving those sweet peas, they look beautiful. I’ve been taking posies of them from my allotment neighbour and the smell is amazing. Beautiful summer garden, one of my faves x

  8. Oh no I like the sound of that Ness, I really must get over to the IOW soon. It’s one of those places that’s near and I keep meaning to go but never get round to it!

  9. I love your Mum’s garden and would love to see it for real. She must work so hard to keep it looking so good. Lovely to see a hydrangea sneaking in there.

  10. Lovely photos! My fave is the last one =)

    I have allergy too and I am sneezing my head out for 2 weeks now. I dont know what to do to make it go away!

  11. Grrrrrr I forgot to check Gemmas blog to see if she was hosting while you were at Glasto, I’m surprised I managed to catch as many links as I did with the time difference. Hope you enjoyed your weekend away and i love the sweet peas, haven’t been able to grow them here yet.

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