109. How Does Your Garden Grow? Heale House Gardens, nr Salisbury

Sunshine? Coffee & cake? The smell of sweet roses? That’s the way Thursday mornings should always be – and today, that’s just how it was. I’ve had a sticky note on my computer for weeks now, simply saying ‘Heale House Gardens’, after reading this 12 of the best secret gardens in the uk article in the Guardian Online. Here’s how they described it:

For quintessential Wiltshire romance, spend a summer afternoon wandering these gardensnear Salisbury and the ancient remains of Old Sarum. The garden incorporates the shallow stream of the trout-filled river Avon into its natural design. In 1651 the handsome house (not open to the public) was a hiding place of King Charles II as he evaded Oliver Cromwell on his escape to France. Later in the 19th century the famous architect Harold Peto influenced the garden design. Today the garden is glorious mix of wild and romantic planting. Roses cascade freely into walks of long grass, dotted with pyramidal and common spotted orchids. Along the chalk riverbank, the woodland garden is full of colour in spring and a verdant yet shady, secret place in summer.

— Tania Pascoe, Guardian Online

In the vegetable garden, apple tree tunnels separate the beds, giving shade to visitors on hot days. We saw the first sunflowers and sweetpeas of the year, both planted and wild sweetpeas – without a shadow of a doubt my favourite flower ever.

Walking through Heale House Gardens on a Summers day is quote the sensory experience. You have the sounds of the River Avon gently flowing through the garden, the call of the peacock, birds twittering and occasional sheep bleeting. Add to that the colours or the garden and scent of the roses and it really does make for a most enjoyable stroll.

Heale House Garden Info:
Heale House Gardens website
Admission: adults £6.00, children £3.00 (Sorry, no dogs allowed)
Opening times: 10am – 5pm Wednesday – Saturday, 11am – 4pm Sunday and Bank Holiday Mondays
(Gardens closed Sundays February and March)
Address: Heale House, Middle Woodford, Salisbury, Wiltshire SP4 6NT.
Telephone: 01722 782 504
email: info@healegarden.co.uk

Thanks, as always, to all who joined in last week, some fave include:  This walled garden, pinks in the garden, lupins & foxgloves, the nigella here, the wildflowers here and my fruity French friend


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  1. Stunning photos as always Annie, love the one of the cockerel. I’m joining in again after a long break, thanks for doing the linky x

  2. Oh my goodness, these gardens look amazing!
    Those roses are just beautiful, but Sunflowers….what?! It’s crazy early is it not, or perhaps ours are just ridiculously late.

  3. Beautiful and gorgeous – the flowers and your photos! I’m suddenly imagining a luxurious old-fashioned type picnic there with peacocks walking by and the scent of the roses.

  4. Ah I was almost there with you reading this… what a great place to wander in. I’d love the way they’ve planted a row of lavender (it is lavender isn’t it?) in front of the roses – so effective and I bet it smells divine. I need to tell my sister-in-law to visit this place, she lives in Wiltshire and would completely love it – actually maybe I need to go with her next time we’re visiting!

  5. Gorgeous photos as always Annie. I’m so looking forward to moving back to the UK, I never get time to visit places like this when I travel to the UK

  6. I want those white flowers with the purple veins. They’re gorgeous and I now have to go and Google to see if I can find out what they are!

  7. Sunshine and cake – both good things! That sweet pea structure puts my wobbly attempt to shame. Beautiful lavender border. One day when I have a big garden I want to put lavender borders up to the front door. Until then I will make do with my three misshapen bargain plants from eBay, haha! Amazing looking garden.

  8. What glorious sunshine to visit some beautiful gardens. I seem to have a rain cloud and a wind tunnel following me around at the moment. Whenever I see sunflowers I always think of a big, happy smiling face.

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