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0 thoughts on “107. How Does Your Garden Grow? Roots, Shoots & Leaves”

  1. How lovely! Im getting such garden envy over here!!! A combination of wanting to put little effort in this year due to hopefully moving soon and heavy pregnancy fatigue and my tiny urban garden has become a nightmare. Just got to hold out to next year when I have a big garden of my own πŸ™‚

  2. It’s posts like this that make me realise I should be out in the garden doing stuff rather sat behind a computer reading about it!

  3. Yes definitely garden envy here too – looks a great place. Enjoy the cheese, I’m just about to scroll up and drool over your pics again x

  4. wow! what a dream place. love the idea of the ribbons with bells on trees, must forward that info to my inlaws who live in the country and have to fight off dear and i love the color of the gate and containers. that is such a beautiful blue/grey against all the green. what a wonderful experience it must have been and now you are in france eating cheese and drinking wine. not jealous at all. nope….

  5. What a simply gorgeous place – I have far too much to learn about gardening, and while we dont quite have space for a veggie patch, we have attempted tomatoes in a pot – and they are not exactly blooming! One step at a time tho eh! Fabulous pics as always, hope the cheese overdosing is going well πŸ˜‰

  6. The vegetable garden area is amazing – love the way it’s laid out. At some point, some day, I should take some garden workshops as although I appreciate, my knowledge is way too slim.

  7. Such an interesting and tidy working garden. That’s a great idea using the spice jars for seeds. I do love potagers and the courses sound brilliant, great to learn more about the garden and using the produce.

  8. OK, just wow! I’m having serious garden envy. And i hope you’re having a wonderful time in France-I’m envious of that too πŸ™‚ x

  9. I hope you’re having a fab time in France. Have you hit the cheese wall yet?
    The garden is amazing. Oh to have that much space and knowledge. A course on the finer points of veg growing would be very useful to me. I am very much winging it and keeping my fingers crossed. I’d love someone who knew what they were doing to point me in the right direction. x

  10. I agree, and when you learn the knowledge you can make smarter choices about what you grow and how to use it without wasting any of it. I’m looking forward to going on one of those courses later in the year -there’s a good one in September for that, take a look on their website as it might be just right for you πŸ™‚

  11. heh heh heh
    And bright colours – purple I believe – so lavender would make a good deterrent. Ribbons and bells on trees would be beautiful AND practical! πŸ™‚

  12. Lovely lovely place, when can I move in!? Those deer bells are an excellent excuse for eating more Lindt bunnies. I’m wondering if I could do something similar to spook the cat that’s digging up all our plants and chasing the poor birds at the moment. Hope you had a brilliant time in France and thank you for sharing this beautiful space with us πŸ™‚

  13. This truly is the prettiest weekly hang out on the internets I am sure. What a beautiful place they have created and how lovely to share. I love plants against black. But I think the neighbours might protest at a bit of black dribble seeping through their fence panels. I am intrigued by the collection of seeds (or nuts?) in the trays. What a great invitation to explore and study. What were they going to do with them? I like Eco-Gites’ use of nettles this week too! I hope that you are not too cheesed-out!

  14. OMG mega garden envy – that greenhouse!!!! So tidy! What a fab place, I must look it up. I went on a posy tying course yesterday at a working flower farm not too far from me in Somerset, and am utterly inspired by cut flower bouquets now – more on my blog this thursday hopefully πŸ˜‰ You’d have loved it Annie. Wonderful photo’s as per usual xxx

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