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0 thoughts on “106. How Does Your Garden Grow?”

  1. Oh those peonies are beautiful and that Green Man is awesome! Probably just me, but I can’t look at lupins without thinking if the Monty Python sketch…

  2. How stunning, I firmly believe no one does gardens quite like the National Trust.

    Lupins always make me smile, they are such a happy plant

  3. full on spring happening here. the peonies…. i knew it was getting to be time for them. i am always envious of the peonies. and that tree face totally made me jolt back a bit. it’s great looking but i wasn’t expecting it. glad to hear you have been busy in the best way. xx

  4. Those Peony are so massive! No matter they are facing down. Must be too heavy for the stems. Everything looks awesome!

  5. oh Annie, the gardens look spectacular. Everything is weeks ahead of us ‘up North’ Alliums are just tiny, lupin heads havent formed yet, this really feels like the start of Summer – love it!

  6. AlliumsAlliumsAlliumsAlliums (repeat) Lovelovelovelove! Also, I wonder if anyone knows what the flowers are in pic #14? And also, is that Cow’s Parsley or a special cultivated kind? Total Eye Candy Sweet colour combinations. Your shots of the Iris are prettier than a painting Annie. We’ve been loving half term too and it was so nice to meet up. I hope that we can make some more of the meet ups soon!

  7. Just beautiful, love the lupins (one of my faves) and the irises. Lots of pretty colours, gorgeous. That face is amazing, and very realistic! Thanks so much for the mention, lovely to be back πŸ™‚

  8. Goodness, that peony is like a dinner plate! They are beautiful. Some of my favourite flowers appearing now – the alliums and the lupins.

    So, did the sweet retired couple get a sprinkling?! πŸ™‚

  9. The lupins! They are top of my list to grow next year. Everything seems to be growing so quickly at the moment.

  10. Beautiful photos! That sculpture on the tree looks interesting. I keep saying I should visit Sir Harold Hillier Gardens as it’s only down the road, must get there this year! Those lupins are gorgeous.

  11. gorgeous shades of purples and pinks, i’ve loved seeing your photos on instagram this week

  12. BEAUTIFUL, beautiful peonies (sorry for shouting but they are) – and the alliums too, gorgeous. Hope Kitty is mended now – thanks for hosting, and to today’s rubbish weather which is giving me some time for some late reading/commenting on this week’s #hdygg :/

  13. I bought myself some this morning in the rain as a pick-me-up and then remembered I am off to France this week so I will miss them in bloom – rats!

  14. Wow, that’s another garden to add to my must-visit list! The peonies and irises are just stunning, and I love lupins when they’re like that in a mass, they do look gorgeous.

    Thanks for including me in your faves! Love this linky BTW πŸ™‚

  15. Your photos just get better and better Annie. The ones where I feel I’m in amongst the flowers are gorgeous.

    I have to admit the sculpture intrigues and freaks me out in equal measure but would be a great addition to any garden.

    Thanks for sorting out my link it was very kind of you.

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