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0 thoughts on “103. How Does Your Garden Grow?”

  1. So much colour, it’s looking wonderful. My peonies have yet to bloom. I love peonies, but I do wish they could last a bit longer! And I didn’t know there were white bleeding hearts, too – I want one of those now!
    Happy holidays x

  2. Beautiful peonies – and so lucky for you to catch them in all their glory. I’m a big fan of auriculas, having discovered them relatively recently. Despite being Alan Titmarsh’s favourite plant, I still quite like them but fear they could be quite addictive so I’m hanging out before plunging in with one (ha ha) of my own! Have a fab holiday missus, and thanks for the mention x

  3. speechless. i love her garden SO much! the color and the texture of those peonies…. wow! and those bleeding hearts…. they are such favorites of mine and so different from the ones i get here. absolutely gorgeous. she always scores such great stuff too. lucky!
    thank you for linking me up early Annie and enjoy your holiday! can’t wait for you to share pics on insta. xx

  4. Oh my word…I dream of a garden as beautiful as this. My post also features bleeding hearts, they have become a firm favourite with us.

    Have an awesome holiday

  5. I love the bread bin planter. Things like this add great interest to the garden. I must look out for unusual items to repurpose this way. Your peony shot is wonderful. Boo to the rain knocking all the petals off, it has done similar to my magnolia which now only has a few flowers holding on for all they’re worth.
    Have a fantastic holiday! x

  6. Isn’t nature wonderful for teaching us about being in the present? If you hadn’t stood and appreciated the peony that day you would have missed it. Beautiful garden. Enjoy your trip & I look forward to popping over to Gemma’s blog for next weeks HDYGG. Clare xx

  7. Beautiful pictures as always Annie. I love the bleeding heart plants and we have just bought one for our garden. I would love to sit in your mums garden for a while, it always looks like the sort of garden that you see something different every time you visit. I love it xx

  8. Love your pictures, gives it a real vintage feel that’s perfect for your mum’s garden. I bought an auricula on hols from an honesty stall and I’d quite like more now, they are a beautiful plant. Swoon at the vintage book and the peony. Have a great holiday x

  9. I looooove this garden (I know I say that every time but I really do!), so much beauty. Every time I see it I want to do more to mine. The peony looks amazing – the petals look like they have been painted with oils. I’m still hoping the one in our front garden will do something this year. I hope I do you proud hosting next week πŸ™‚ Enjoy your holidays missus x

  10. So much loveliness, and such a personal garden – it must be so great being able to pop in and share it with your mum. Every time you feature her garden I want to immediately find a car boot sale and repurpose something, one day I’ll manage it!

    Peonies are just completely gorgeous, mine is blooming it’s heart out at the moment too and has survived the crazy rain so far…

    Have a smashing holiday x

  11. Stunning, I love that these photos capture the darker side of Spring, the real deep colours and the complete contrast to all the white bright blossom. Hey! Would love to do a little post in my garden when it all comes into bloom, fancy tea and snapping sometime in the Summer?!!!! xxxx

  12. It’s always nice stopping in at your mum’s to look around the garden. I just love how familiar so many of these gardens feel through pictures. Of course I love a post with succulents in. I especially love those "hairy" ferns. Like a little spider has been festive and decorating. And the bleeding hearts…I’ve got one white heart so far and hoping for more. Have a lovely holiday Annie!

  13. the peony looks fantastic and I love Bleeding hearts, especially the white ones. I added a link to your post from last week in my post today

  14. Thanks for linking me up …. I was at market all Thursday morning and I may have bought a few plants πŸ˜‰ Lovely pictures as ever, especially the bread bin. I have several of those but I use mine for cooking!

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