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0 thoughts on “100. How Does Your Garden Grow?”

  1. Such a gorgeous look back.
    I must admit this is a favourite link up, seeing the progress week on week has been wonderful, not to mention the tips I’ve picked up along the way.

  2. oh…. this is so great Annie!!!!! thank you so much for putting together the greatest link up there is. such wonderful ladies you have gathered together so many you have personally had the chance to actually meet. i love thursdays so much because of the same reasons you do. thank you! and the baby doll heads…. lol! they’re still in the garden. xx

  3. oh that was a last blast of a great 100 weeks showing lots of development learning and lovely people. Well done on getting to the big 100 looking forward to the next 50 100 150 200 and so on

  4. I have to admit I was rather taken aback …at…how excited I was that it was your 100th edition!! I just love this link up. It’s a perfect place for me to enjoy and comfortably learn about gardening from many of the posts added as well as just gawp and gaze at beautiful flower photography. And yes would love to be able to join another link up. Of course a perfect spot for me would be Wakehurst Place.

  5. 100!!
    What an achievement, I have to say it is great to read peoples garden posts, I just love them. Nice to see the seasons changing and different styles and ideas, but best of all the excitement when things grow, change, colour and smells. Just wonderful.
    Thank you for the mention lovely lady, would be great to meet up again

  6. Happy 100!!!!! Here’s too 100 more ! It was so nice to read this post and see snippets from the past linkups – and thanks so much for including me! I’d almost forgotten about the messy experience of building those raised beds. So. much. mud. The bluebells in your garden are gorgeous 🙂 Off to check out Emma’s hazel fence.

  7. Oh how fitting Annie that you have your 100th anniversary and what wonderful memories! How fabulous. I have finished my mat leave contract in London but am now working for the same lovely folk from home Tuesday to Thursday which is lovely! I hope you’re good and that ankle is getting better x

  8. What a fabulous look back over the past 100 editions. I have to say this linky has inspired me to write more about gardens and expand my knowledge. Everyone who links up is so nice and friendly. Afterall how can a garden not make you feel happy?

  9. Ah loving this! Thanks for featuring me – I’m waiting on some plugs to go in those raised beds again and can’t wait to get them going again! I have so enjoyed joining in with this link up, thanks so much for hosting it and keeping it going – I would really love to come along to some meet ups too, so will be watching with anticipation (please do one near me!! hehe) xxx

  10. Congratulations on hitting 100. I adore this linky and the people that gather here. How incredible to be able to watch other people’s gardens grow through the internet. Annie, I loved how you wove a path through the contributors photos for us.

    Yay for another 100.

    Clare x

  11. 100 HDYGG gone so fast! Great round up and I like the look of the yarn teepee! Hope I get to come to a meet up one day 🙂 x

  12. I am SO CROSS. How can I possibly have arranged to be away on the 100th #HDYGG? I really had planned to write a post but I just ran out of time so instead wrote about what I am up to – My Cake Holiday. Right now I am off to make a note of when the 200th post will be so I make sure I am not away for that one.

    Thank you so much for the mention and THAT picture again! I have left the polytunnel in hubbie’s hands this week with strict instructions about what to do. Fingers crossed he remembers to water things.

    Signing off from my hols on Exmoor and hope to see you all again next week 🙂

  13. Oh I’ve loved looking at this post, just brilliant to see all the loveliness that this fab linkup brings together. Congratulations on 100, long may it continue! 🙂

  14. thanks for hosting, since our move to dhabi i’ve been looking for new projects and having come across this linky its inspiring me to continue working hard on my little sand pit

  15. I couldn’t do it. I could not miss the 100th #HDYGG.
    I will comment on others but it may well be next week when I am back home.

  16. Many happy returns! I love the range of responses, they bring back happy memories.

  17. Happy 1ooth! A super celebration is in order. Peeking in the diary re meetups and wondering if we can sneak a bit of bubbly into Wisely? Thank you so much for being the hostess with the mostess. It’s been such a lovely place to be. I LOVE the picture of Rosie. I wonder if we could get a picture of HDYGG peeps in their garden spaces. I’m so nosy, it’s just nice to see the faces behind the lens. Sending flowery love!xxx

  18. Happy 100 to How Does Your Garden Grow. I loved reading this post – all the different stories, how projects have progressed. Love the picture of the bluebells. X

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