Coming home to Spring

Our apple tree is in blossom, but not as much blossom as previous years. I don't think this is a bad thing necessarily as last year it had so much blossom and then branches snapped under the weight of apples. Spotted in the garden, Starlings nesting under the roof tiles and sparrows making a home in our bird box - I could watch them coming and going with twigs and moss in their little beaks all day!

191. HDYGG

I visited family in Gloucester at the weekend and snuck round to my mum's garden to see how things are growing. I so was impressed with how much colour there is already! It was a beautiful sunny day, so good to be reminded of just how great it is to be in a garden on a hot day.

On spending more time outdoors

At the start of the year I vowed to walk every day. It was a small change that's made a big difference.

Being outdoors is one of those things that many of us know are good for us. Like reading more, spending less time online, drinking less alcohol. But it's often one of those things that gets pushed to the sidelines when we're time pushed, when actually those are the times when we need it the most.

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190. HDYGG - Exbury Garden re-opens for Spring

Regular HDYGG-ers will know that I often share photos from local Exbury Gardens. The Gardens close over Winter and have just re-opened for 2017. Monday, when they opened was a wet and rather dreary day and truth be told I did sulk a little about that. But fortune favours the sulkers and on Tuesday I awoke to blue skies and sunshine. I knew exactly where I needed to go!

HDYGG 189: Visiting Mayfield Nurseries, Southampton

We were invited to visit by our friends at Comic Relief, to see how some of the money raised by Red Nose Day is used in our local community. In previous years I've shared many stories from projects in Africa, but only 50% of money raised goes on to fund projects abroad, the other 50% is spent here in the UK supporting local charities. Did you know that wherever you live in the UK, the chances are there's a good cause within 30 miles form you that receives support from Comic Relief.

Snowdrops at Welford Park

"We think the snowdrops here at Welford Park were planted by the Norman monks to decorate their Church for the feast of Candlemas, and also for medicinal use. The monks harvested snowdrops and used to rub them on the temple of people suffering from “mal au tete”. Close to the snowdrop woods we have also found wild aconitum, petasites and mistletoe all of which have strong healing properties." 

When your photos are downloaded a million times on Unsplash

I love taking photos and sharing snapshots of my life with other people. I've no desire to get into photography professionally, for me it's simply something that makes me happy. To see those figures above makes me incredibly proud, around 1 in 100 people who come across my photos on Unsplash download them.

181. HDYGG - the festive edition

Oh yes, I'm feeling festive - the tree is up, we've made lovely mulled cider (using this recipe) and I spent my day off yesterday wrapping presents and writing out cards. We've been listening a lot to the Apple playlist 'A Very Folk Christmas' but being a child of the 80's it always ends up going back to a bit of ShakeyWizzard and of course Slade (but never Last Christmas by Wham, or The Pogues Fairy Tale of New York, ever, ever, ever).