Tips for trouble sleeping (for when you just can't)

Lately I've been having a really hard time getting to sleep at night. I feel tired, but I find myself tossing and turning for hours before finally nodding off, only to wake up at the same time in the morning.

One or two nights I can take but I get really irritable after any longer. I suspect it's because I have a big trip coming up and my mind is running overtime with what to pack and the usually worries like what if there's a problem or no body else on the trip (it's a photography workshop) likes me. Yup the usual things. Deep down I know I'll be fine and will love it, but that's the thing with our fears, they are usually completely unfounded.

So I asked on Instagram expecting a couple of helpful replies, but was overwhelmed with good advice so I thought I'd share some of the tips I received here too, in case someone else can make good use of them.

All change

Well firstly, a nod to the theme change here. I've moved my galleries over to and have gone back to bones of blogging. One of my big issues is that when I write a post I try to fill it with dozens of photos, and those take time to take / edit / post. Another issue is that I worry that what I write is, well, not that interesting. I don't share advice or recipes or tutorials and those are the things that drive the traffic and the readers. But honestly if I carry on blogging with those issues then I'll never get round to posting anything will I ?!


Mother's Day, the gift of giving

Some of my earliest memories of childhood are of our family garden, picking strawberries, Spring tulips in the garden, my dads greenhouse. So when it comes to picking a Mother's Day gift I usually choose garden related gifts. Not only do they suit her down to the ground but this is just the perfect time of the year to start thinking about getting out into the garden more.


Sundays - a semi-family catch up post

It's been an age since I blogged, in fact this is my first post of 2018.  I thought it would be nice to do a little family-life-catch-up. I've been looking through a lot of old photos lately and realised just how much Kit and Oz have grown up and thought it would be a shame not to make some notes on how they are doing at the moment, so we can look back in years to come.

I've made a start on going back through older sections of my blog, pulling out family content and adding it to a photo book, printing to keep a physical copy.
I've been using Artifact Uprising and though it's not the cheapest option (by far), the quality is outstanding, the book binding and covers a perfect quality. It feels fitting for such a keepsake.


Such a character. His poses when he knows I'm taking photos are just bang on, catalogue style posing at their best, he does make me chuckle when he starts busting moves. Talking of busting moves, he's been practising the running man, mainly to Vanilla Ice. Though he informs me he likes Twenty One Pilots now.


He still loves being outdoors, but not as much as he likes be indoors glued to his iPad...We've found ourselves limiting his screen time because otherwise he gets totally immersed and ends up semi-crazed.
His cheeky used of the word 'fudge' as the f-word is driving me mad.


Nearly 10 - going on 15. The first flickers of teenage angst are appearing. One moment she's young, talking of unicorns on candy mountains of make believe, wanting to be mollycoddled and the next she's sultry, sulky and wanting to stay in bed to sing Charli xcx.
She's begun private maths tutoring, as maths is as subject she doesn't doesn't naturally 'get', and I'm happy to report it's making a noticeably positive difference already a few weeks in.


We're planning her 10 birthday celebrations at at the moment, and it's not that she's indecisive, more that she doesn't feel that she wants anything. It was the same at Christmas when she asked Father Christmas for 'a small box of Roses chocolates and some slippers'.
She's requested thta I make her a unicorn birthday cake though, so if anyone wants me I'll be deep in Pinterest looking for inspiration!


Our rescue-greyhound from the Dogs Trust. He came to live with us 6 months ago now and I don't think I mentioned that before. 
A 5 year old ex-racing greyhound he's not spent life in a family home before but has been a complete dream to join us. He's so mellow and chilled out, enjoys short walks over long ones, doesn't bark, is completely housetrained and loves attention but doesn't force himself upon people.


We were so lucky to find the perfect match for us, he won his way into our hearts in a matter of days and it feels like he's always been here.
He's not keen on other dogs if they are off the lead and wears a muzzle when out in the forest incase any small rabbit sized doggos come running up to his face - the racing catch-that-rabbit instinct will always be a part of him so it's life on the lead for him when out and about, but he really doesn't mind one bit!

Sunday appreciation

A quick Sunday afternoon shout out to some talented folks who have been getting creative with my free photos on Unsplash. Click on any image to visit the artists Instagram profile.

I've received some lovely emails this week from people using my photos, it's really nice when there's no expectation of thanks but yet they take the time to email. I've had news from a chap in the Netherlands that he's used a photo of Ozzy for the cover of a thesis he's written, an offer of a place to stay should I ever be in a certain wine and food province in Italy and and offer of acupuncture treatment should I ever be back in Sydney from a woman who's used some of my photos for her website design.

It's a lovely feeling to know that you are helping out someone somewhere, and even more special when they let you know that it's appreciated. Happy times x

Global Travel

Riad Dar M'chicha, Marrakesh

Our children's school recently opted to extend the school day, giving them two weeks off at Halloween instead of the usual one week. This second week proved extremely good value to go away on, for both flights and hotels and so we chose to head for a few sun drenched Winter days in Marrakesh.

The Simple Home

Christmas progress

As a child our Christmas tree was always a real one, the smell of pine is something that I've always associated with Christmas and having a real tree is a must have for me. My husband would rather go down the less hassle artificial route, but not me. Besides whilst disposing of the tree last year I made a new tradition - making something from part of the trunk. I spent a jolly fine morning with my axe and woodworking knife fashioning a spatula which has been useful in the kitchen ever since!