Planning to visit Lisbon soon? Here is all you need to know for the perfect weekend in Europe’s most exciting destination.

+ A beautiful city, blessed with almost 1000 years of inspirational, influential and interesting history.

+ A party city, teeming with ever-more rooftop bars, cutting-edge nightspots, and world-famous events.

+ A vibrant city, with a design-forward and modern-thinking young generation , yet unafraid to draw on their roots.

+ A relaxing city, with dozens of pristine golden beaches, luxurious spa resorts, and country retreats within a few miles.

+ An appetising city, with a thriving foodie scene, that easily combines traditional cuisine with innovation.

So, for whatever reason you’re thinking of visiting Portugal, one thing is sure – Lisbon, the capital, is unmissable. To give you a good idea of what you should be doing on your weekend break in Lisbon, we’ve put together a Lisbon weekend guide, full with all the must-dos, plus a few extra tips if you want to mix it up a little and a quick language guide at the end.

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