plant pot

I really enjoyed this post, shared by @kizzybassLCJ on Twitter recently. Slow living is something that I embraced more and more over the last year but the minimal aspect that seems integrated into it when people talk or one reads about it just doesn't 'fit' me. I like cozy clutter, lots of 'stuff' around me but I like living slowly. I guess it's a case of 'What's in a name?'  

Minimalism and the embracing of simple pleasures has permeated our current culture and I get it. I understand the rejection of mass consumption. I understand the need for minimalism and simplicity, to encourage others to question their consumptive habits. But, I find that too much of minimalism is paradoxically too much of a good thing.

I think it’s completely okay to want things, to chase after experiences beyond sitting in nature staring at a tree. For example, I think being in nature is wonderful, but it’s not going to satisfy a hunger for a Big Life. I love the idea of purging your possessions, but I don’t love the idea of shaming others because they want to experience physical success. Perhaps minimalism is a great ground zero to begin again from, but I am hesitant about staying there, about building a home in small desires.