Tribe Photo - Unearthing photographers and unique images

“Tribe Photo democratizes photography by turning remote villagers into photographers,

enabling them to sell their best work and us to gain a unique insight into their world.

— Tribe Photo

James Kell is an Australian who was shooting for a charity in Haiti earlier this year.  During his week of shooting he was offered the opportunity to run a photography class.  He found that they not only were fascinated but their photos, even from this one class, were different.  Their perspective was different.  

Rather than simply collect cameras from the west and give them to the locals in Haiti, he and a few others decided to start up something more sustainable.  Rather than give them cameras, they wanted to teach a way for them to buy their own cameras.  Thus Tribe Photo was born.

Tribe Photo will rent cameras to locals in remote communities, provide free training then allow these people to sell their best photos to the world for $1 per image (non-commercially).  For every $1 image sold, the photographer gets 50c, the partner running the local Tribe Photo store gets 25c and Tribe Photo gets 25c to run the website.  And the world gets a rich, unique new source of imagery.

all photos c/o James Kell

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Tribe Photo - Unearthing photographers and unique images