Lovely gifts for lovely people


It's that time of year when our thoughts turn to finding gifts for loved ones, here's some I've found this week that I especially love...

Rabbit art

Above: Animal painting portrait painting Giclee Print Acrylic Painting Illustration Rabbit Print wall art wall decor Wall Hanging: Lady Rabbit £6.54 via CocktailZoo at Etsy.

Wooden eating spoons from Hatchet + Bear

Above: Wooden eating spoons from Hatchet + Bear. An eating spoon, handcrafted using traditional tools and a branch of locally foraged wild cherry wood.Eating Spoons have specially carved 'slung' sides - making them the perfect shape for hungry mouths. £25 each.

Panda softies from Rebecca Kiff

Above: Panda Softie from Rebecca Kiff. £20 each.

Beaded necklace via Tigerlillyquinn

Above: Beaded necklace from Tigerlillyquinn.£12.99

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Annie Spratt

 Annie Spratt is a lover of nature with a passion for photography from the United Kingdom