Seasonal simplicity: oranges as decoration

Seasonal simplicity: oranges as decoration

Simple aesthetics for the festive season: greenery, twinkling lights and the glow of satsumas and oranges. 

To make dried orange slices for garlands, pot pourri or tree decorations simply slice the fruit into rounds (no thicker than 1cm), blot with tissue and leave in a low oven for a couple of hours.

Remember to place the slices on a rack rather than a tray (to prevent sticking) and turn them over every so often.

If you make these in advance they'll darken with age to a deeper, burnished shade. They look lovely with lights shining through them on the tree.

Other seasonal uses for citrus: try using cookie cutters to make shapes from the peel, pierce a hole (for stringing) and leave to dry out before making a garland. Hearts, stars and snowflake shapes work well. And of course, oranges are an important ingredient in mulled wine - best enjoyed after a chilly walk or whilst writing out your cards.

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