Love Made Me

My babies are growing up fast; as they are supposed to do.

Wistfully, we have been saving some of their t-shirts as they have grown out of them. Ones that bring back special memories of certain days and ages. Like the cheeky "Love Made Me" top from my friend that I was too prude to let them wear very often, the faded, well worn favourites, the ones that they have only just grown out of. 

I've been saving for a while, and I very nearly let them all go to the charity shop, worrying about my hoarding tendencies. 

But I didn't. 

We chopped them all up, using a square cook book as a rough guide. 

My daughter helped me lay them out, reminiscing all the way. 

After I whipped the patches through the sewing machine, we then sewed them onto a cheap and cheerful, soft, fleecy blanket.

This easy-to-make wonky quilt is now the most coveted in the house and wraps us up in happy memories. 

Curated and photographed by

Katie Rhymes

Excitable, kooky soul living with her family in Oxford.  Loves dipping her toes in the random offerings of life and riding her bike.