I'm in Hydrangea of falling in love

“Common name: Hydrangea

Botanical Name: Hydrangea

Group: Shrubs and climbers, some evergreen

Flowering time: late spring to late autumn

Planting time: Autumn and spring

Aspect: Sun or partial shade

Difficulty: Easy to moderate”

— The RHS

“Try to use rainwater to water hydrangeas, since mains hard water can affect the flower colour, turning blue flowers mauve or pink.”

— The RHS

“Hydrangeas thrive best in shady areas. They will grow in sun, but be prepared to provide lots of extra water.”

— English Gardens

Photos of hydrangeas

“One of the biggest mistakes gardeners make with hydrangeas is pruning at the wrong time of year.


Don’t prune or trim hydrangeas in the fall, except to remove spent flowers. Most hydrangeas bloom on old stems, so pruning in the fall may remove next year’s flowers. It’s best to let the plant die back naturally in the winter, and prune any dead branches once the new growth has begun to emerge. This could be very late spring, so be patient.”

— English Gardens

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