Foxglove love


The common purple foxglove (Digitalis Purpurea): growing in abundance right now along the edges of woodlands, by moorland footpaths, dotted through hedgerows. Irresistible to bees and children alike - but beware the leaves, which are considered poisonous.

Foxglove love

Tall spikes of purply thimbles, exquisitely spotted inside. Quintessential English countryside flowers. Also known as witches' thimbles, fairy bells, cow flop and lustmore...

Foxglove love

Best viewed during the 'golden hour' - that magical window when the light's soft and the thimble-flowers become little lanterns, seemingly illuminated from within.

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Curated & Photographed by

Sarah Hardman

Sarah lives over at Mitenska, where she chronicles life's simple pleasures.

She's a keen photographer, writer and tea drinker. Her favourite things include collecting treasures from her daily rambles, baking cake, rainy days and cosying up with a good book.

She resides in the Pennines with her partner and little boy.

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