Campfire Kiln

To make stuff with clay using a campfire, you will need:

A good chunk of clay. (We used air-drying clay packed ready to camp in a ziplock bag.)

Some old tins or aluminium foil

A good fire.

Sit round the campfire and get messy with the clay sculpting creations. Have some water nearby to help smooth and wash up after. (Before washing your hands, make caveman style hand prints everywhere you can.) Carefully place creations into old soda cans and then into the edges of the fire. Leave them there for a long time- we got them out of the pit in the morning. Display your creations around your camp. Dream about making more.


Curated and photographed by

Katie Rhymes

Excitable, kooky soul living with her family in Oxford.  Loves dipping her toes in the random offerings of life and riding her bike.