A Kiss to Build a Dream On

A Kiss to Build a Dream On

A Kiss to Build a Dream On

Curated and photographed by

Katie Rhymes

Excitable, kooky soul living with her family in Oxford.  Loves dipping her toes in the random offerings of life and riding her bike.





                                                             Valentine's Day, 1991.

I was eleven, and hadn't yet learned the fine art of flower pressing. The excitement of receiving a Valentine was pretty intense. If you were given a red rose;  the intentions were clear,  while traditionally; a white rose was given for friendship.  

But even just being acknowledged with a white rose from a boy led to hopes, and fuelled crushes and daydreams. 

Experiencing the giddiness that accompanied these white roses was almost better than the "sealing the deal" with a red rose. Like "A Kiss to Build a Dream On"; these crispy, dry bumps in my old diary still manage to revoke emotions and memories twenty-four years on.