The People We Lean On

The People We Lean On | Mamalode"Sometimes I lean on people in ways they don’t even know.

I have a great group of friends. Some of them live two streets away, while others live on a different continent. I have a wonderful family. A husband and a son, siblings and cousins, uncles and aunties and in-laws, all of whom make my world a good place to be. I have a happy, fulfilling life that is full of love and laughter." [fa icon="fa fa-external-link"]

Hot smoked salmon, fennel and pea pasta

Hot smoked salmon, fennel and pea pasta

"I often buy ready cooked hot smoked salmon when I am out shopping as its a good fridge standby for a healthy quick meal with salad, its also popular with MR LF too. Most supermarkets and even some fishmongers normally stock a packed version alongside the smoked mackerel.

This dish hardly needs a recipe as its so easy and can be whipped up in minutes, from store cupboard and freezer basics, the dish is enhanced by using fresh from the garden fennel fronds, but if you don't have them dried dill or fennel will work almost as well." [fa icon="fa fa-external-link"]

A parent's guilt

family bikeA parent's guilt

"I graduated from university and was thrust into the after haze of what now? I really had no idea what I was going to do and what path I should be taking. On one hand, I enjoyed being at home with little one, as she transitioned from nursery through to year one but then on the other, I longed to be at work, earning a living and creating a better future for my family.

" [fa icon="fa fa-external-link"]

Kitchen Storage Solutions For A Small Kitchen

Kitchen Storage Solutions For A Small Kitchen"As things stand,  other than the under the sink cupboard which is full of cleaning bits and bobs, there are just two cupboards for crockery and food. If we were to fit a new kitchen, I could choose to expand into the dining area – but I love having room for a proper dining table, so would be really loathe to give up that space. What I really want is ideas to make the most of the space we have." [fa icon="fa fa-external-link"]

Cheesy Courgette and Bacon Flan

Cheesy Courgette and Bacon Flan"ourgette season is fast approaching though, and even though the plants my mum is growing for me are being a bit slow this year, I've got courgette recipes on the brain. I thought it would be nice to share with you something I made last year but didn't get round to posting so you'll have a head start of courgette ideas when the time does come. " [fa icon="fa fa-external-link"]

Here’s a few ideas for some great days out this Summer….

Here’s a few ideas for some great days out this Summer…."As we all know, keeping young ones entertained can be a challenge to say the least! Especially if you’ve got more than one, different interests and hobbies can leave you lost as to what activities will ensure that everyone is kept entertained. To help inspire you, we’ve created a list of diverse, fun and economical family days out in the UK;" [fa icon="fa fa-external-link"]

Extinctions Of The Past Five Years

Extinctions Of The Past Five Years"Species extinction is nothing new. A process that has been occurring since the beginning of time, animal extinctions are something we have grown used to. It’s not all natural anymore, though, and we know that the human race has recently been responsible for the extinction of hundreds of species across the world. Here are five species that have been declared extinct in the past five years. " [fa icon="fa fa-external-link"]

Cooking with Kids – Fruit Kebabs….

Cooking with Kids – Fruit Kebabs…."he has one of those gadgets that cuts shapes out of food (no idea what it’s called – I got it off eBay for Christmas for her) but you could just use small cookie cutters if you want to make shapes like she has.  Cubes would be just as tasty although she assures me that shapes taste nicer.

We used strawberries, honeydew melon, mango, strawberries and canteloupe for our kebabs but most fruits would be great so just use whatever you have." [fa icon="fa fa-external-link"]

Book fair gold!

Book fair gold!"I recently picked up a piece of illustration gold from a book stand at our local fete. A copy of Alice Through the Looking Glass from 1959! The book is in pretty good condition considering its age; the spine is tatty but everything else is intact. I wanted to show you a few of the beautiful illustrations nestled between the pages." [fa icon="fa fa-external-link"]

A Good Summer? #MakeItHappen

A Good Summer? #MakeItHappen"I said to myself that this has to stop, and needed to learn to be happy as I am. One way to do this, is to get myself fit again. I used to be very active, but due to a back injury, that habit dwindled, so to that end, one of my short term goals is to go back to swimming.  Swimming makes me really happy. It’s one sport that I’m really good at, and I used to take myself to the pool 5 days a week and swim for an hour. – Me" [fa icon="fa fa-external-link"]

The gift parents really want

The gift parents really want"For years, we’ve been trawling the high street for perfumes, aftershave sets and jewellery for our parents. The calendar is filled with occasions when we get our wallets out and splash the cash. Birthdays, Christmas, Mothers’ Day and Fathers’ Day – they’re all commercialised events that scream “money is love!” But do our parents really want more possessions?" [fa icon="fa fa-external-link"]