Dunnet Head, Caithness

I can't quite believe that it's been over a year since we enjoyed a few days away in Caithness with my first husband Iain and his parents - and I wanted to get down my memories on this day before I forget.  One of my favourite places in the country, we managed to get some beach time in, not to mention a climb. 

Porlock Weir

At Porlock Weir you can enjoy lunch overlooking the harbourside at the pub, enjoy a delicious ice cream from the local shop, visit a host of independent makers and businesses, build stone stacks on the pebble beach and walk the coastal path for some beautiful views.

Getting into Christmas early

I never get excited about Christmas early. Ever. Until now. Kitty's infectious and boundless enthusiasm has rubbed off on me. She tells me there's been talk at school that 'parents are really Father Christmas' but that she doesn't believe it because she knows that parents wouldn't be so cruel to lie to their children for years and years. 

When your best friend makes gin.

I remember when my bezzie Tanya only used to drink Martini. Once she worked out that it wasn't the taste of gin that she didn't like - it was the taste of tonic water - there was no stopping her. Now she has an entire wall at home full of various bottles of mother's ruin. When she told me that she was going to make her own gin I was super excited, and true to her word she has.

An afternoon in Wells, Somerset

Wells is just the prettiest place to visit, and admire, be you a keen photographer or general fan of all things quintessentially English. Mentally I moved into around 85% of the houses we ambled past and literally spent the entire time giving excitable squeaks (rather disconcerting for passers by but ho hum!)

I spent a good 2 minutes staring at this next scene, thinking it looked oh-so-familiar, when Kitty pointed out that it's the setting for the film Hot Fuzz. Yarp!

Forde Abbey & Gardens, Chard

I've followed Forde Abbey on Instagram for some time now, coveting a visit. When I spied some photos from the lovely Sabrina from a visit too my desire hit the next level. Luckily I didn't have to long to wait, as we planned a few days away in Somerset, our fourth stay at Somerset Yurts.

Photos of National Trust Uppark House and Garden, Petersfield

Perched on its vantage point high on the South Downs ridge, Uppark commands views as far south as the English Channel. Outside, the intimate gardens are being gradually restored to their original 18th-century design, with plenty of space in the adjacent meadow to play and relax with a picnic. The nearby woodland is great for exploring and den-building

48 hours in Iceland - Where to visit

Iceland is without a doubt my favourite country. It has a raw beauty to it, and such welcoming people. If I were ever to leave the UK and move to a different country, it would be Iceland. I honeymooned there one Summer and re-visited one Winter and it really is a country where any time of the year is going to offer you breath-taking views.


Adulting is something that my 20 year old daughter is getting a crash course in at the moment. She recently accepted a job as a pathologist assistant at Southampton General Hospital and ahead of moving in with us on Sunday she's had her first taste of  preparing to 'leave home'.

Takeoffs and Landings

Working remotely as I do, is something that I love. I really dig the flexibility and how well we work as a team even though the team is spilt between different countries. It's awesome to get the chance to actually physically be with the folk you work with though, especially when you are all part of a team that are passionate about the product you are all working on.

The importance of being honest with yourself.

I've sat down to write a 'Life Lately' post so many times over the past few weeks, a catch up, but something always stopped me. A crushing fear of not being good enough. Of my words not being well written, my photos being under par, my blog design not reflecting me. All of which by the way I know sounds silly, but one can't help how one feels.