184. How Does Your Garden Grow?

Starting with some colour there as let's face it, the weather in the UK this week has been bleak. Beautiful, but bleak. A week where my hair literally froze on morning walk, thick fog lasted for three days and we burnt our entire supply of logs.

183. How Does Your Garden Grow?

Sorry for the lack of HDYGG last week, l've been somewhat unmotivated blog-wise, but more on that in another post. I visited my mother at the weekend and enjoyed some time mooching about her garden, no word of a lie when I returned home that night I dreamt of terracotta!

181. HDYGG - the festive edition

Oh yes, I'm feeling festive - the tree is up, we've made lovely mulled cider (using this recipe) and I spent my day off yesterday wrapping presents and writing out cards. We've been listening a lot to the Apple playlist 'A Very Folk Christmas' but being a child of the 80's it always ends up going back to a bit of ShakeyWizzard and of course Slade (but never Last Christmas by Wham, or The Pogues Fairy Tale of New York, ever, ever, ever).

Eating out in Singapore - on any budget

Singapore offers a mind-blowing variety of options when it comes to eating out. One can eat really good food on any budget - there's really is something for everyone in every price range.

Recently I had the pleasure of spending a week in Singapore and during my time there I ate at all of the places listed in this post, with meals ranging from $4 Nasi Lemka to a $208 6 Act degustation at a 2 Michelin star restaurant, and everywhere in between. 

Making Winter Retreat

At this time of the year there are many factors that can affect ones mood; shorter daylight hours, rainy weather and the pressures of Christmas looming. It was really lovely to take a weekend out to try some new things and meet some new (and old) friends.

Gardens by the Bay, Singapore

Gardens by the Bay, is a fairly new gardens in Singapore (opened in 2010), situated on reclaimed land, covering 250 acres. When I visited I walked round three different areas; The Flower Dome, Cloud Dome and the Heritage Gardens, where the famous SuperTree's are located.

Singapore Botanic Gardens

Not only is Singapore Botanic Garden the oldest garden in Singapore but it's also the first and only tropical botanic garden on the UNESCO’s World Heritage List. It's a place of true beauty. Open from 5am to midnight daily it's free to visit, so good to have this vast green space open to everyone to enjoy. 

(XI) Slowlived

Wow, we've passed 30k of photos shared with the #slowlived hashtag. This time of the year really does bring out the slow spirit in people, the wrapping up warm and enjoying walks, mugs of cocoa and sitting by the fireside. There's so much beauty joining in every day that picking just 9 to feature was really hard x