Win a wall mural up to the value of £500 with PhotoWall!

Win a wall mural up to the value of £500 with PhotoWall


Above: PhotoWall Wall Mural from the Julia Potts Collection


Consider this a big fat Happy Mother’s Day from PhotoWall!  Simply enter using the Rafflecopter doobie below to be in with a chance of winning a domestic wall mural of your choice up to the value of £500.


PhotoWall has a vast range of wall murals suitable for the home, and not only for grown ups but for children’s rooms as well. Here’s a look at some that have caught my eye…

Something bright for a hallway…

PhotoWall Wall Mural


Something calm for a lounge or nursery…

PhotoWall Wall Mural

Something bright for a child’s bedroom…

PhotoWall Wall Mural

Something for a home office or a teenager who longs to travel…

PhotoWall Wall Mural


There is so much choice over on PhotoWall  and it’s seriously worth popping over and checking it out for yourself. I could go on all day adding images but I suspect that you want me to cut to the chase and show you the Rafflecopter entry! Without further ado… Ta Da!

Entry closes Friday 22nd March, 2013. UK entry only. The winner will be notified via email from myself within 48 hours of the giveaways end and will be required to send me their name,address and phone number wich will be passed on to my contact at Best British Bloggers who will arrange the delivery of their prize from Photowall.

a Rafflecopter giveaway


Congratulations to the winner – Jayne Crammond!

Photowall logo

Disclaimer: I received no payment for this competition, I really do think that some of the designs on PhotoWall are uber cool and I also wish you a Happy Mother’s Day!

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  1. Janet Palmer says

    I would love a wall mural in my bedroom right now it’s how it was when we moved in :-S which I’m pretty sure is wallpaper from the 60′s were just missing the flying ducks lol

  2. Gary Topley says

    I would like to add one to my lounge as it needs decorating anyway and this would be a great start winning this and would also get me more motivated.

  3. Wendy Lam says

    I’m actually going to bring it to my workplace and stick it in our studio office so everyone can enjoy the scene. At the moment its just a plain white wal with a clock. Needs some excitement to it since work is so tedious anyway

  4. Laura Harris says

    My bedroom….it’s in dire need of some TLC! We’ve made sure my son has a nice room, and we’ve decorated the rooms everyone sees, (including the loo!) but we are at a loss with our bedroom…….however, LOVE LOVE LOVE the Madame de Pompadour in Silver! Yesssss!

  5. Hilda Hazel Wright says

    I’d love to add one to my bedroom as the room is a bit bland and could do with a feature!

  6. Andy Thompson says

    My home office as it only has a small window with no view, so I could do with a nice bright wall mural

  7. says

    My bathroom which needs some serious work! – what a talking point…(to talk about after you’ve finished in the bathroom obvs!)

  8. Karen Howe says

    I really want to turn my little girls nursery into, well more of a little girls room, it’s starting to look a bit babyish. This would totally transform it.

  9. FionaLynne Edwards says

    I’d love this for my spare room at home. I’m going for a 1950s vintage look – which fits in really well with some of these lovely murals.

  10. christina brown says

    Definitely my bedroom…it’s lacking at the moment and I need to add something to it to make it feel more mine.
    Also, what artistic and wonderful wall art! :) Very different from many I’ve seen which only have stock photo type designs etc

  11. tracey bowden says

    my daughters room as at the grand old age of 6, she is far too old to have princesses on her wall!

  12. Loma Wood says

    We are in the process of moving our lounge room from the front to the back of the house. I would love a tree and plant type wall mural to mirror the new garden view.

  13. Dee Dmonte says

    I would actually love one of these for my upstairs hallway. It’s would be the first thing that you see when you come in through the front door!

  14. anna marikar says

    i would definitely choose one for my kids bedroom which is really in need of a make over so this would be ideal!

  15. Elizabeth Smith says

    I’ve a long wall in the living room that is crying out for an amazing mural. When I moved in I put up 5 cheap pictures for a bit of a stop-gap. 12 years on they are still there

  16. Marie says

    The nursery for our first baby. We’ve just found out we’re expecting and so we’re super excited!

  17. Jo Young says

    My kitchen wall as it’s totally bare at the moment

    Also sorry I misspelt my twitter ID in the widget I missed an e out it it’s @BoostieBoo

  18. wendy moore says

    In my bathroom so that I can lie in the bath with a glass of wine and dream that I’m somewhere else

  19. Laura Pritchard says

    Our bedroom – we haven’t decorated it in any way since we moved in so it’s a blank canvas!


    I’d put the Virgin Islands on my living room wall – it’s so dark with no natural light so that would really make it come alive – and remind me of happier times!

  21. Tracy Hanson says

    Mum is just about to redecorate her bedroom – first time in “I can’t remember” so I would let her have the prize for that. Hope that’s OK (as an answer), Good luck to everyone x

  22. Tracy C says

    We’re (fingers crossed) moving soon, to a house which is a really blank canvas. I have one of the bedrooms earmarked for a home study/crafting room and would love to put one of these murals in there.

  23. Emma Gallagher says

    Having just painted our bedroom, we have a plain wall which is crying out for something bold to be put on it.

  24. Claire Tromans says

    About to embark on decorating the Dining Room (formerly known as the ‘Junk Hiding Room’). A wall mural would be awesome!

  25. Shelley Jessup says

    As I am just in the middle of redecorating my bedroom I would defintely say my bedroom! ;-)

    I am having a bird theme & when Ive looked on their webpage they have amazing wall posters, this could make my bedroom look totally stylish.

    Thank You for a great giveaway xxx

  26. Kevin Smith says

    My son’s bedroom – we would try and get him out of the house while it was installed to make it a surprise – he would go nuts!!

  27. Liz ferguson says

    The lounge as this would be the place where we can all enjoy it & , of course, show it off to guests!

  28. Deb Hambleton says

    I am currently renovating my late mums home for me to live in and would love something pretty on my bedroom wall

  29. CarolD says

    Probably in my utility room as we use the side door of the house mostly & thats where you come straight into the house, very bare walls .. so it would brighten it up a bit. Great murals!

  30. sue willshee says

    I’m just converting a spare bedroom into a sitting room because it’s a lovely warm room in the winter. I’d love to add a wall mural to make it really special.

  31. Jeanette Downing says

    would love one in my bedroom but think my daughter would love one too so probably my daughters bedroom x

  32. Hayley Todd says

    I would most like to add one of these beautiful murals to our nursery which we are currently preparing for the arrival of our newborn later in the year!

  33. Caroline Hammond says

    I would love it for my Eldest son’s room. My other 3 boys are a lot younger so have a lot of decorations for their rooms where as he doesn’t

  34. Lesley Bain says

    For the first time ever we have a spare room. I am just about to start decorating it to turn it into a den/games room for my wee ones. This would be a fantastic feature for their wall! :) x

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