Scraping in at the last minute with this weeks What?Wednesday…


For you people not ‘in the know’ ‘What?Wednesday’ you can find out all about it over on the ‘What?Wednesday’ Page.

I’ve been sewing and skulking about a nearby village by the waterfront…

Have you found my little nuggets of love?!

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  1. actuallymummy says

    You do some lovely stitching missis! I haven’t known how to upgrade recently what with your craft and Chatty’s ducks. I’m rubbish at all that stuff and I can’t afford a lifetime supply of toy monkeys (what does represent a 7-yr-old girl with an attitude do you think?). If I can think of anything I will get back down to it :))

  2. says

    Why don’t you open a craft shop only selling What Weds tags …. profer your very crafty talents and ‘blag’ your blog all in one go ….. Mammasuarus’ Emporium. By the way they are lovely …. you’re very good. I can see another shamless What Weds on the horizon involving pants – referring to my blog.

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