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Bluebells - Pinkbells

Bluebells hold special significance in The ‘Saurus household. It’s an amorous ritual every year to travel to a top secret location in the New Forest to a secluded bluebell wood. The sunlight filtering through the glade, making the bluebells even more vibrant than nature intended. The soft moss beneath our feet, the spring breeze dancing on our faces, gently teasing us with the promise of the Summer to follow. And we bonk.
Romance is not dead, it’s all about getting jiggy in a vast expanse of bluebells. Kitty’s middle name is Bluebell after her place of conception…and there you were thinking I was getting all descriptive in my writing!

NB: thank you to my mother who pointed out that they are in fact Hyacinths, which does make sense thinking about it as that was the spot where I optimistically planted my supermarket bought gone-over-bulbs last year! See – Mums know best!
Joining in with Tara at Sticky Fingers in this weeks ‘The Gallery‘.


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    That did make me laugh! Especially once I realised that your Mum must have read the post to be able to tell you your photo isn’t of bluebells at all! Ooops. I visited today via The Gallery.

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