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On Friday and Saturday I was lucky enough to visit some volunteer crafty bloggers to make some decorations for The Society of St James, a Hampshire-based homelessness charity that provide accommodation and support to over 1000 people at any given time.

On Friday evening I headed to St Albans where the lovely Helen from Actually Mummy hosted a crafty session, helping hands and supplies (mountains of supplies!) joined us in the form of Jenny from Cheetahs in my Shoes, Stephs from Steph’s Two Girls and Penny from Being Mrs C and her super cute baby.

Crafty table

Penny and Helen

Steph and Jenny

I owe a huge hug of gratitude to them and also to the ever generous children’s book author and lover of Googling all manner of cute baby animal, Clara Vulliamy who sent some smashing paper, templates, ribbon and buttons.

Craft from Clara

It was a productive evening although Helen did drink rather a lot of wine, start singing (there is a video, it will follow *mwhahah*) and then she kept me up far to late gas-bagging and passing me G.I.A.T. I am an innocent party in that whole affair…

Actually Mummy

We did manage to get crafty though with some bunting, paper chains and all manner of festive handmade goodies produced.


Saturday after some very tasty sweet potato & butternut squash soup and homemade rolls c/o Chez Cheetahs I motored back along what has to be said was a ruddy miserable rainy motorway to Tanya aka Mummy Barrow‘s house. Joining us for craft action was Laura from Lady Briggs, Alice from My Life, My Son, My Way, Emma from Mummy…Mummy…Mum! and crafting powerhouse Maggy from RedTedArt – not to mention to ever helpful hands of Tanya’s teenage daughter Ellie.

Tanya and Alice

Craft table

Maggy makes bunting


There was what can only be described as a shit load of crafting goods. Bunting was made, card baubles, card stars, angels and more. It was lovely to get festive and admittedly when a curry arrived the crafting subsided somewhat as nattering and brainstorming took over but Maggy kept us on the straight and narrow in true Craft-Meister stylee.

And so to the lovely bloggers who helped this weekend I raise my glass to you! Many thanks for supporting #HoHoHome x


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