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You’ve heard of extreme sports? Well my friends I am being sworn to extreme silence. Mummy Barrow and Penny have me locked in a dank cellar with only basic rations. Soft Pom Bears and flat gin in a tin is more than I can take! SAVE ME. Over dramatic? Moi? *swoons to floor in crumpled heap* I AM BUT A SHELL OF A WOMAN I SAY!


What was that? Pull myself together? Oh ok then….


Yesterday everyone’s killer-funbags-funster Mummy Barrow dished a bit of dirt on our #secretthing. For those who have no idea what #secretthing is – it’s a thing that is secret and it’s reaching almost unbearable proportions of “JUST TELL US WHAT THE HECK IT IS WE CAN’T TAKE ANYMORE”. If you haven’t read her post already this would be a good time to. (click here and be pinged off in a new tab to see).


Mummy Barrow, Penny from The Alexander Residence  and myself are up to something and we can’t tell you what it is  until Thursday. Now I know that’s a pain in the arse, not knowing what’s going on and the #secretthing being dragged out – as an avid EastEnders fan I know all about plot lines that go on and on and on. But like good ol’ Enders there’ll be a *BOOOOM* worth waiting for!


Secret AgentsFirst off it wasn’t me – it was Mummy Barrow – she made me do it. And by ‘do it’ I mean head along to visit some lovely folk at Comic Relief HQ to talk about some fundraising for Red Nose Day. It was VERY serious, there was the bit outside MI6 next door to CRHQ when we tried to look as much like spies as humanly possible, the over-excitable gabblings to some lovely Comic Relief ladies which may have started with the all too familiar ‘now open your minds’ that some of you have come to fear and the email that followed as a result of the meeting that blew our tiny little minds – 46 sleeps ago. That’s 46 sleeps of mind buzzing, late night emailing, random ideas, excitement, banter, nerves and PAIN OF SILENCE!


Next week on Monday and Tuesday the three of us really could do with you getting behind us for something that’s not fundraising. Us on our computers, you on yours, think of it as a sort of blind date only with the benefit that you already know that we are well buff. We don’t need your money honey and I promise you that we have beavered silently and very hard indeed to make sure that if you’d like to help us that you can with a neat idea and the sort of Twitter fodder that will be the stuff of legends.




Bring your sweet botties back here on Thursday and I’ll have broken free of my shackles and have that dratted masking tape off my chops!


Tomorrow it’s Penny’s turn to tell you how she got involved in the #secretthing and how she’s feeling about it all – be sure to pay her a visit –


Care to ride on the wave of OH MY WORD with us?


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    Definitely will be onboard to support you gals. I ran our company campaign when my employer was a corporate sponsor for Sport Relief in 2008, so I have been to that building a few times too.
    All of the celeb photos in the corridors are gorgeous aren’t they? I was also transfixed by the MI6 building.
    But isn’t all of that really near where the recent hellicopter crashed :-(
    Liska xx
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