Ranty Friday: “RT this:”

Today dear reader, something that fills me with even more anger than the people who like to finger and squeeze fruit in the supermarket before putting it back, I am going to try my utmost to rant with a modicum of decorum about one thing that really get’s my goat – people who have never spoken to you before that tweet you demanding a re-tweet.

 Everytime someone demmands a RT a bird dies

One wouldn’t stroll into the library, meander over to a total stranger, hand them a book and shout ‘TELL EVERYONE ABOUT THIS BOOK’ and then just walk off again. I mean you may do, but chances are that you’d either be on or in need of, medication.



One wouldn’t potter up the fruit and veg aisle of Sainsburys and shout in someone’s face ‘TELL EVERYONE ABOUT THIS CARROT’ and then stroll on shopping for pak choi.



Even worse still, shout in someone’s face ‘TELL EVERYONE ABOUT THIS CARROT’ whilst waving a really withered, skanky carrot at you.  


Some things you can do online that you can’t do in real life.  I could tweet Katy Hill,whilst wearing tea stained pyjamas and no supportive bra, and have a brief conversation. If I did that in real life she’d edge away nervously towards the telephone and have a restraining order taken out against me faster than you can say ‘Blue Peter’. Cheeky things like that are one of the perks of Twitter. But manners are manners and should be maintained online.



I get quite a few tweets asking me to re-tweet things. I’m a happy soul generally, I don’t mind someone tweeting to ask for a RT if it’s something they really want sharing- but – and with me there is always a big but (or should that be butt?)

“RT my latest blog post http://ihavenofuckingmanners.com/honestlyihavent “


Let’s analyze that tweet shall we?   Spot the missing word anyone?



Yes, PLEASE would be nice – with or without caps lock, I’m not fussy. You want your blog post shared – and that’s cool, we’ve all been there – I get it. But here’s the lowdown – if you haven’t got time to ask nicely then I don’t have time to hit RT.


A good 80% of tweets that I get like the above are from people WHO AREN’T EVEN FOLLOWING MEEEEEEEEEE. Who never, ever interact with me other than to tweet me telling me to re-tweet them. At this point I get really rage ridden. That person isn’t saying please AND isn’t  interested in what I have say AND I can’t even un-follow them out of anger AND they didn’t say please (did I mention that already?) But yes of course I’d love to go and read that post and RT it WHEN THE HOT POOLS OF SATANIC JUICE IN HADES FREEZE OVER . MummyBarrow


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    That’s my new sound effect for whenever I see the Twitter police on the horizon. I find it stops me losing control entirely and shouting, “YOU DONT OWN THE INTERNET, ACTUALLY” by amusing me so much I lose concentration.

    Anyway – yes, I am always a little surprised when people Tweet a people asking for a RT and I think, “I’m not sure you’ve ever spoken to me via Twitter EXCEPT to ask for an RT” but heck, it’s easy enough to ignore. I don’t tend to RT them though, it’s like puppies – ignore negative behaviour and hope eventually they stop piddling on the armchair.
    Sally recently posted..Daisy Chaining. It’s all our fault, apparently.My Profile

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    haha.. I found this rather amusing, there are some rather strange, rude, people out there! I wouldn’t even have the cheek to tweet someone for retweet! (only #willynilly friday!) Im far too embarrassed for that yet!! you never know give me a few weeks!

    *makes mental note to remember to add please in to tweet* although its common sense really isn’t it!
    Cherry Blossom Rain recently posted..Some Thing I love #3My Profile

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    I’m now a little scared *making mental note* “do not ask for RT, do not ask for RT” I thin k it’s just because most the time (present time excluded) you come across as such a lovely helpful kind type of jolly good chapette (made up word). But thanks for the heads up…by the way did you see my lovely new Weekly Adoption Shout Out #WASO ….PRETTY PLEASE
    Sarah Hill recently posted..Weekly Adoption Shout OutMy Profile

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    Oh I love a good rant. I got to have one yesterday re Twitter parties and today RTs. Hurrah. My day has got better after the one hour sleep. Again, new to tweeting and just finding my way but I find asking for a RT bl00dy rude. I had written a long reply, but I think I can sum it up by saying – if you have to ask, what you’re saying isn’t that interesting. Truly interesting stuff gets RTs anyway.

    (Badly written response, but you get the gist. I’m off for a strong coffee and probably some gin)
    Lorraine recently posted..Back To Work: 10 Things I’m Excited AboutMy Profile

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    I’m with you on this one ‘saurus!
    Make me so annoyed! If I get asked by people who don’t even follow me, I tend to block them alltogether because I’m the queen of my twitter castle and I am a bit mean like that! #EvilQueen
    from fun to mum recently posted..TomorrowMy Profile

  6. Suzanne says

    Totally agree. Always found it weird when people would ask total strangers to RT their stuff. Why would their readers be interested?! I have to admit to tweeting tots on occasion to RT a post but mainly in the early days cos I was desperate for readers (still am but shhh!) Loving a good rant on a Friday!
    Suzanne recently posted..Oldies but Goodies – Week 12My Profile

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    It’s the private messages asking you to do it too! It’s like er hello thanks for the intro – and if I wanted to visit your website I could have done so through your bio or million tweets about it.

    Saying that I do possibly tweet my links a little too much :$
    But try to make up for it by retweeting/tweeting others links also.
    pinkoddy recently posted..Snow is NOT for children!My Profile

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