Making your own DreamCatcher in the woods

Make your own DreamCatcher in the woods
We love heading out in to the woods around us and exploring and getting creative, so much free fun to be had in the Summer holidays. Woods are perfect for long walks, exploring, den building, wildlife spotting, picnics and expelling loads of pent up child-energy and now they are perfect for helping stop the nightmares of a 5 year old girl.

Poor Kitty has been waking up in the night crying, complaining of bad dreams and begging me to sleep in with her which is something that I am not keen to start doing. And so I decided to made a dreamcatcher, technically I wasn’t sure how to make one, I think they are meant to be round but we improvised by what was around us. And so we headed to the woods, armed with string, ribbons, scissors and raspberries – well crafting is hungry work! Kitty cut lengths of ribbon but that was the extent of her help and she opted to run off with Ozzy to do some den exploring, one of the joys of the New Forest is that there are always dens in the woods that someone else has made to play in!

First job was to find four sticks, two shorter ones and two longer ones… the plan was to make a kite shaped DreamCatcher. Once the sticks were found I tied the top two together like so:

Make your own DreamCatcher in the woods

And then continued to do the same with the bottom two sticks, before tying the two halves together to form a kite shape. Next to begin to wind the string around the sticks, looping over twice round the stick each time to ensure tension:

Make your own DreamCatcher in the woods

And then I did the same again with some sparkly red thread:

Make your own DreamCatcher in the woods

The final finishing touch, tying ribbons to the bottom of the dreamcatcher. You can use whatever you have to hand at home, odd bits of ribbon, wool, string with buttons threaded on – so many possibilities.

Make your own DreamCatcher in the woods

We hung the dreamcatcher from a tree to watch the ribbons dancing in the breeze before packing up and heading home, dreamcatcher in hand, to hang from above Kitty’s bed. And yes, it worked, no more nightmares – yay!

DreamCatcher in the woods

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